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Selecting The Best Dog Vitamins For You Pooch

As a dog owner, you want to care for your furry friend in the best way possible. This means taking him to the vet regularly, giving him baths, and making sure he gets adequate nutrition. You can even give your canine some of the best dog vitamins to help supplement his nutrient-rich kibble and make sure he gets all the nutrients you need. While you could simply ask your vet for a recommendation, they are likely to try to sell you a product. Instead, it is best to get advice from a third-party who will lay out exactly what you should look for in canine vitamins so your pup always gets the best nutrition.

Comparison Chart of The Best Dog Vitamins

PictureNameEssential IncludedPriceRating
Rex Wheat Germ Oil Vitamin A and D$$5.0
Petz Pro Wild Icelandic Fish OilOmega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty acids, Vitamin E, EPA, and DHA$$$4.9
Newflands Hoki Fish OilEPA and DHA $$$$4.9
VetSmart FormulasVitamin E and C antioxidants, Glucosamine and MSM$$$4.8
Pet Friends For Life Probiotics+74 Natural Trace Minerals, Vitamins, Antioxidants, and Prebiotics as well as 6 of the Best Probiotic Strains containing 30 Billion CFUs per bag$$$4.8
Particular Paws Dog and Cat Chemotherapy and Radiation Support100% Glutamine powder$$$4.7
EicosaCaps Antioxidants with garlic, Omega 3 and fatty acid supplements, vitamin C, zinc and garlic$4.6

Independent Reviews of The Best Dog Vitamins Available

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for in the best dog vitamins, you can put your skills to use and check out some of the top options available. All of the following vitamins meet the above requirements, making them excellent choices.

#7 – EicosaCaps – Up To 40 Pound Size

healthy vitamin supplement for dogs

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As the name of this product implies, the vitamins come in the form of capsules and are designed for dogs that weigh 40 pounds or less. It is a mixture of numerous vitamins, focusing on antioxidants featuring garlic, fatty acids, Omega-3, zinc, and vitamin C. Thanks to the fatty acids, this oral supplement for the skin can help reduce your canine’s chronic itching, reduce shedding, and easy lusterless or dry coats. If your dog doesn’t like taking capsules, you can also puncture them and just drain the liquid right onto his favorite food.

#6 – Dog And Cat Chemotherapy And Radiation Support

dog vitamins


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This is among the best dog vitamins for animals that are undergoing treatment at the moment. The vitamin is designed to minimize the negative effects of radiation and chemotherapy thanks to glutamine. This substance can help minimize muscle aches, nerve pain, and diarrhea associated with those treatments. As an amino acid, glutamine will boost the immune system as well as digestive systems, helping bump up the levels that are frequently lowered by chemotherapy.

The powder is easy to use as you simply mix a scoop a day into your dog’s favorite existing food. The product itself is completely natural and pure and can help your pooch recover from injuries in addition to helping with chemo and radiation.

#5 – Best Probiotics For Cats And Dogs + Hip And Joint Supplement

vitamin supplement for dogs

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This product from Pet friends for Life is one of the best dog vitamins that can also be used for cats. The product, known as ProHip-30 contains 74 different vitamins, prebiotics, antioxidants, and vitamins as well as 6 probiotic strains specifically helpful for pets and containing 30 billion CFUs. There aren’t any fillers or artificial flavors; instead, every ingredient in this vitamin has a purpose and will promote your pooch’s health.

This product is completely natural and helps relieve symptoms and promote your dog’s overall health. It is manufactured in an American facility which is FDA-inspected and GMP-certified and comes with a 90 day money back guarantee. These particular vitamins are ideal for relieving cramping, gas, itching, constipation, and diarrhea. The composition of it also allows for better absorption rates so your pooch gets all the nutrients in the vitamin. As a bonus, the product has glucosamine, chondroitin, coral calcium, and kona berries to relieve joint and hip pain.

#4 – VetSmart Advanced Hip And Joint Complex With MSM

vitamins for healthy dog

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This is among the best dog vitamins designed to help relieve your pooch’s joint and hip pain and it is completely natural and available in three sizes so you get enough for a month supply for your canine. The supplement gives your dog vitamins C and E plus antioxidants to reduce inflammation and swelling. Compared to other medicines for joint pain, this one has more than 150 percent extra MSM and 200 percent more glucosamine to help relieve trembling and limping. The product works better than similar traditional fish oils since it comes from green-lipped mussel in New Zealand’s clean waters. The product itself was made in the United States. It even offers guaranteed results, including a 30-day refund and 365-day money back guarantee.

#3 – Newflands Hoki Fish Oil Natural Food Supplement For Dogs

good dog vitamins

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For those who prefer a supplement specifically designed for dogs as opposed to several animals, this Hoki Oil is a great option. You can choose from a 200 milliliter or 1 liter presentation and the pump lets you easily get out the exact amount you need. The delicious taste of the fish oil means your dog will love it and will get balanced support. It can work with other veterinary treatment to help ease heart problems, eye issues, arthritis, and conditions that involve flaky, itchy, or scratchy skin. It is manufactured in New Zealand using human-grade ingredients so you can trust it. The oil comes from fish in a specific stock and can support your pup’s immune system. This is also one of the best fish oils for dogs.

#2 – Wild Icelandic Fish Oil For Dogs And Cats

vitamins for dogs

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Like many of the best dog vitamins, you can give this fish oil supplement to your dogs as well as your cats, meaning those with multiple pets only need to buy one product. This unique formula was designed by Petz Pro to include vitamin E as well, providing extra nutrients and antioxidants. It also has the expected nutrients from fish oil, such as Omega-3 fatty acids and Omega-6 fatty acids. The oil comes from cold water Icelandic salmon living in the deep sea which have been organically raised to minimize the amount of contaminants. This product can lower your dog’s blood pressure, prevent cancer, prevent bowel disease, improve joints, prevent heart and skin disease, and improve cognitive development.

#1 – Rex Wheat Germ Oil – 32 Oz

best dog vitamins

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This wheat germ oil was specifically designed to supplement the diet of pooches. It is made of pure wheat germ oil that has been fortified with vitamins D and A for an extra dose of nutrition. For dogs that weight 50 pounds or less, the recommended daily dose is half a teaspoon with dogs weighing more than this requiring a full teaspoon each day. The benefit of this vitamin over other similar products is that it is just the wheat germ oil as opposed to being mixed with vegetable oils and soy, like many similar products are.

What To Look For In The Best Dog Vitamins

Before you start actually shopping for dog vitamins, you need to figure out what you should be looking for in these nutrient-rich pills. Be sure to consider the following factors and your dog will thank you later.

  • Vet Recommendations

Even if you aren’t directly asking your vet which dog vitamin to give your pooch, you will want to look for a product that has been recommended by a vet. Either ask yours for a few suggestions before doing additional research or read reviews of a product to see if veterinary professionals recommend it. Just because a product doesn’t have a vet recommendation doesn’t mean it isn’t good, but a positive vet review is a great sign that you are looking at one of the best dog vitamins.

  • Dog Size

Everyone knows that dogs come in a range of sizes from the tiniest Chihuahuas to the largest Great Danes or English Mastiffs. Because of this, you need to pay close attention to the size indications for the vitamin you are considering. Some will be designed for pooches of a particular size while others will work on any size and simply adjust the dose. Simply make sure that the vitamin you choose can be given to a canine of your furry friend’s size and that you understand the dosing information.

  • Nutrients Included

Take some time to consider the nutrients and specific vitamins within a given supplement before buying it. If your vet recommended that your dog gets more omega-3s, for example, you will want to make sure the supplement you pick contains plenty of those. Some vitamins will only have a handful of nutrients while others are multi-vitamins with a long list. You will have to decide which type of option you go with, but there is generally no disadvantage in opting for a multi-vitamin. The only caveat is to ensure that multi-vitamins contain enough of the specific nutrient your dog needs.

If you aren’t unsure of what nutrients your dog needs, you can consult your vet or do some quick research. Fatty acids tend to improve the appearance of your dog’s coats while fish oil supplements will reduce inflammation. Opting for vitamins C and E which are antioxidants can lower inflammation and assist with memory problems.

  • Quantities Of Nutrients

Giving your dog vitamins is always a good idea, but you want to make sure that your pooch doesn’t get too much of a particular nutrient. Although this may seem odd, it is possible, particularly with fat soluble vitamins. In the case of water soluble vitamins like Vitamins B1 or C, your dog’s body will naturally eliminate any excess through their urine.

Fat soluble vitamins, on the other hand, are stored within the fatty tissue and liver, making it possible to get too much. Certain pooches, including large-breed puppies, for example, may develop skeletal problems if they have too much calcium. Or consuming too much vitamin A may lead to blood vessel damage, joint discomfort, and dehydration. Vitamin D, meanwhile, can lead to muscle atrophy, bone damage, and loss of appetite. To avoid giving your dog too much of a particular nutrient, consult your vet or look online to determine the appropriate daily value.

On the other hand, you need to make sure that the vitamin you choose to give your pooch has enough of the nutrient promised. Testing has repeatedly shown that budget-friendly vitamins don’t contain as much as they claim in all cases, so read reviews and any fine print on the packaging.

  • Lack Of Fillers

Whenever you are looking at dog products, whether it is food, supplements, or treats, the cheaper products will contain fillers. Fillers are just used to take up space within the product and don’t pose any benefit for your pooch. Because of this, the best canine vitamins won’t have any fillers; instead, they will focus on adding all the vitamins and nutrients your pooch needs.

  • Cost

The cost of dog vitamins will always be a concern, but you need to remember that in most cases, higher quality vitamins will cost more. More expensive vitamins that are nutrient-rich instead of packed with fillers are well worth it since they ensure that your dog is getting the vitamins he needs. They also make financial sense since you pay for the ingredients your dog needs, not anything extra like random grains.

  • Specialized Or General Brand

Some dog vitamin brands will specialize in a particular type of product while others will produce numerous canine products, including supplements as well as food. Generally speaking, the best dog vitamins will come from a specialized company since they will have been able to conduct the necessary research to ensure the product does what it claims.

  • Medicine Interactions

If your dog is currently taking medication for something else, then you definitely want to talk to your vet before choosing a vitamin. That is because certain vitamins and herbal extracts can interact with medications, making them less effective or even causing a serious side effect. Your dog’s veterinarian will be able to tell you whether this is a concern with a particular vitamin or supplement so you don’t have to try to do the research yourself.

  • Manufacturer Certification

At the moment, the FDA regulates dog supplements, but since they are used to working with humans, this is not ideal. Because of this, the best dog vitamins will have certification or endorsements by animal-related organizations. There may also be certifications from third-parties that the vitamin contains what they claim.

  • Presence Of A Lot Number

If you are able to see a close up picture of a canine vitamin, check to see if a lot number is listed. This is a great sign as it indicates that the product undergoes some sort of quality control.

How to give pills to a dog

If you are wondering how to give our dog a pills, here is the best tips and tricks for making life easier with dog.


The ideal method of finding the best dog vitamins is to ask your vet for a general recommendation and then look online to get that specific product. All of the top products listed above are vet-recommended and can help improve your dog’s health, making them great choices.

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