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10 Coolest Dog Products

Keeping your dog active goes a long way in ensuring that it is happy and healthy both physically and mentally. Since dog owners may not have the time to play with their dogs every time they are bored, it is best to invest in some interesting coolest dog products designed to intrigue canines. Read on to find out some of the best and coolest dog products and toys available today.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of coolest dog products
  2. Detailed review of coolest dog products
  3. How to play with your dog(a video)

Comparison Chart Of Coolest Dog Products

KONG $$4.9
Omega Paw$$4.8
KONG Genius$$$4.7
K9 Ball$$$4.4
KONG Squeezz Dumbbell$4.3
KONG Squeezz Ring Dog$4.2
BYouker USB Rechargeable LED$$$4.2

Detailed Review Of Coolest Dog Products

The Kongcoolest dog products

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This is by far one of the coolest dog toys ever invented. It is made from a virtually indestructible rubber material that dogs find irresistible but cannot chew through even with repeated effort. The toy can be filled with your dog’s favorite treat to further attract the dog’s attention and keep it for long spells. A must have toy for dog owners. If you are looking for an indestructible dog toy then read my ultimate guide on buying the best chew toy for your dog.

Tricky Treat Ball

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This ball is designed to hold dog treats that are pushed out as the dog plays with it. The best thing about this ball is that it keeps the dog occupied for long periods of time as it tries to get more and more treats out of it. Even when the treats are finished the dog will still continue playing with the ball hoping that there is more still lodged inside.

The Leo

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Similar to the above named dog toys, in that it is designed to hold dog treats that can only be pushed out after a reasonable amount of effort, this toy poses a great challenge for your pooch. To create an even more challenging play thing, owners can purchase a pair and then interlock them together. This makes the dog work even harder for the treats hidden within.

The Bob-a-Lot

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This interesting toy not only takes your dog’s treats but can also be used to feed the dog entire meals. All you need to do is screw off the removable top and then fill it with the dog’s favorite kibble; once done set the release amount by adjusting the outer and inner release doors and it’s all set.


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This toy comes with a rope and bottle set-up. The bottle comes with a removable bottom through which dog treats or kibble is put. Once the treats are in the bottle, the lid is replaced and as the dog pulls on the rope which goes through the bottles mouth treats pour out slowly.

Gappay Ball and Rope

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This is a classic dog toy designed for the most fun. The toys come in a variety depending on the type of dog they are meant for. Buyers should make sure they choose the indestructible variety for durability especially if they intend to leave them with tie dogs for long periods.

The Waggle

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This is a barbell shaped dog toy. Dog treats are held in the sides of the toy and are designed to pour out slowly while the dog is holding the toy in its mouth at the thin middle part. The treats fall out even when the toy is shaken while held in a different way to ensure the dog can enjoy playtime.

How to play with your dog

Basic games that should be played with your dogs. How to keep them active and fascinated by playing with them and with their toys. This video also tells about how to teach them to play with their toys.

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