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Six Best Things to Feed Dogs

Dog owners looking to keep their pets healthy need to ensure that they feed them a variety of foods rich in health boosting nutrients. The main point here is to avoid feeding dogs only one type of food and end up depriving it of some essential nutrients. Below we will look at some of the main foods to include in your dog’s diet for better health.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of things to feed dogs
  2. Detailed review of things to feed dogs

Comparison Chart Of Things to Feed Dogs

Rocco & Roxie $4.7
Jarrow Formulas$4.6
Simplot Whole Baby Carrot$$$4.5

Detailed Review Of Things to Feed Dogs

Green Tripe

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This is a super food that is filled with nutritional goodness that can be used as a substitute for supplements. It contains natural digestive enzymes and probiotics that boost the health of your dog. Tripe has a high composition of B vitamins, phosphorous and Linolenic fatty acids. Tripe is available in natural and packaged varieties.

Raw Eggs

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Raw eggs are among nature’s most wholesome foods when it comes to the nutritional value offered. This is especially so when the eggs are consumed to wholly including the shell as well. The best eggs to feed your dogs are from free range chickens as they do not have antibiotics. Some of the main nutrients found in raw eggs include a host of amino acids, Vitamins, iron and fatty acids.

Organ Meats

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Organ meats are definitely among the best foods to feed your dog as they comprise of a higher concentration of nutrients as compared to muscle meats. The best organ meats are sourced from animals raised on natural grass feed as compared to processed feeds. The meat comes with a variety of nutrients including phosphorus, B Vitamins, and a variety of fat soluble Vitamins as well. When serving organ meats to your dog you can fry it or serve it raw.

Milk Thistle

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Milk thistle can be fed to dogs as a herbal medicine as well as a food. The herb contains active ingredients that remedy toxic conditions affecting the dog’s liver. It promotes the removal of toxins in the dog’s liver as well as enhances the production of new and healthy cell in the liver. It is sold as a powder, liquid extract or even in capsule form.

Baby Carrots

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Most dog owners will be surprised that baby carrots are great dog treats as well. These tasty treats usually help maintain the dog’s dental health as well as boosting their hydration. Since it is common for dogs to struggle with weight issues, it is also best to feed these low calorie snacks to dogs in between meals.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another highly nutritional super food that your dog will enjoy when included in its diet. The oil has anti fungal, anti bacterial and antiviral capabilities. The medium chain triglycerides contained in the oil are usually metabolized as fast as possible to offer an instant boost in energy levels. Improved digestion, skin health and better resistance to allergies further speak to the benefits attributed to the consumption of coconut oil to your dog.

With the above foods added to your dog’s regular diet you can be sure that it is getting all the nutrients it needs to be healthy and strong.

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