With one crazy dog and a some foster dogs under my belt, I’ve gone through hundreds of toys and spent tons of time researching the best dog food and treats for these picky pooches. Check them out!

    Be sure to leave a comment if you think I left anything out. I’m always interested in trying new product as long as it’s safe and healthy for the animals.

Finding The Best Water Fountain For Cats

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Some people may feel that getting a water fountain for your cats is odd, but it makes perfect sense. Many felines have a strong preference to drink running water as opposed to static water and an automatic fountain is the perfect way to please your cat without having to

Best Dog Food for Bulldogs

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Dogs are said to be man’s best friend and bulldogs are among the most popular pets today. Choosing the right food for your bulldog is essential in ensuring that it has enough nutrients for healthy growth and an active lifestyle. With the variety of dog food brands available in

How To Buy The Best Dog Brush For Labs

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No matter the type of dog you have, you need to groom him regularly to prevent uncomfortable knots and matting on his fur. This can be particularly important with Labradors since they tend to be fairly active and can get dirty very quickly, making their fur even messier. With

10 Coolest Dog Products

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Keeping your dog active goes a long way in ensuring that it is happy and healthy both physically and mentally. Since dog owners may not have the time to play with their dogs every time they are bored, it is best to invest in some interesting coolest dog products

Six Best Things to Feed Dogs

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Dog owners looking to keep their pets healthy need to ensure that they feed them a variety of foods rich in health boosting nutrients. The main point here is to avoid feeding dogs only one type of food and end up depriving it of some essential nutrients. Below we

Five Best Meats for Dogs

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Dogs need to consume a balanced diet that includes a variety of feeds including meats, grains and even vegetables among others to stay healthy. Each of these foods is associated with a different level of nutritional value to the dog making them vital. Below we will look at the

Coolest Gifts for Dog Lovers

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Looking for a cool gift for your dog-loving friend? Here’s a list of awesome gifts that every dog will love. Prices start at just five bucks. Table Of Content: Comparison chart of coolest gifts for dog lovers Detailed review of coolest gifts for dog lovers Comparison Chart Of Coolest Gifts

Best Dog Treats

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Duh, dogs are super motivated by food. 🙂 Keep your dog interested and rewarded with tempting treats that are also good for them. Table Of Content: Comparison chart of dog treats Detailed review of dog treats How to train your dog to take treats gently(a video) Comparison Chart Of Dog Treats

Best Mental Stimulation Dog Toys

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I don’t even want to tell you how much I’ve spent on dog toys. It’s so bad, that when I come home with a shopping bag, my dog’s butt starts wiggling and she jumps around waiting for me to pull out her new toy. She expects the bag is

Best Dog Food

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One of the saddest things in the world is that our dogs don’t live as long as us. Let’s keep them around as long as we can by feeding them the best food out there. Below is a list of the best raw and dry dog food. These lists