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DogPsycho: The Best Dog Toys, Treats, Training & More

So what if your dog sleeps with his head on your pillow? And who cares if you make out with your pup at stoplights? You love your dog, and we love you for it.

We list the best dog products and guides so you and your dog can live life to its fullest.

“Best Of” Dog Lists

We search for the best dog products out there so you can give your pooch the very best.┬áCheck out our ‘best of’ lists:

Dog Guides: From Finding the Perfect Dog Name to Potty Training Tips…

Built By Dog Psychos for Dog Lovers

We really love dogs. To the point that it could be considered a little weird. At least that’s what our mothers tell us.

We’re not ashamed of PDDA (public display of dog affection). We think this world would be a lot better if everyone just hugged a dog each day.

We built this site for a couple reasons:

  • to help homeless dogs get adopted and find their forever homes
  • to have a place to share our affinity for the canine species
  • to show off what dog products our pups like (got sick of spending money on toys and treats that stunk!)
  • to create a dog resource center so new momas and papas can find helpful (and free) dog advice online
  • to show our parents that we became something in life. Kinda.

We hope you enjoy yourselves here. Know that you’re not alone in your dog craziness! In fact, we know some celebs who are also psycho for their dogs.

My therapist wants me to say that we’re a work in progress, so we welcome feedback of any kind. And by “any kind” of feedback, I mean only praises, pats on the back and over-the-top compliments. Email me (I’m Meaghan hello!) at