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Five Best Meats for Dogs

Dogs need to consume a balanced diet that includes a variety of feeds including meats, grains and even vegetables among others to stay healthy. Each of these foods is associated with a different level of nutritional value to the dog making them vital. Below we will look at the five best meats dog owners can feed their canine pets for better health and strength.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of meats for dogs
  2. Detailed review of meats for dogs

Comparison Chart Of Meats for Dogs

Nature's Variety$4.7
Rocco & Roxie$4.6
Shadow River$4.5

Detailed review Of Meats for Dogs

Poultry Meat

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Poultry meat is any meat obtained from poultry. The meat can be made up of flesh and skin with bones included or removed. In most cases, the poultry meat sold as dog food is made up of by product such as legs, necks and backs. However, dog owners looking to purchase higher quality poultry meat can buy the main parts usually reserved for human consumption. They should however note that these tend to be more expensive as compared to the cheaper by products.


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Fish meat is also available for sale to dog owners. Salmon heads can be bought from local butchers or grocery shops and used as dog feed. Fish meat is usually rich in proteins and essential omega three oils. These are both great for your dog’s development and will definitely boost its health and strength when incorporated in its diet.

best raw beef for dogs

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This is meat obtained from slaughtered cattle. Beef also includes the tongues of slaughtered cattle. Serving a meal of beef is a great way of boosting your dog’s intake of proteins as well as iron. Beef is among the most common and easy to get type of meat and is therefore great for dog owners who want something that is easily available. Beef can be obtained from the local butcher or grocery store at a reasonable price.

best organ meat for dogs

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Organ meat is any meat obtained from the organs of slaughtered animals. The items covered here include hearts, lungs and kidneys among others. Organ meat is known to be more nutritious for your dog as compared to regular meat obtained from other parts of the slaughtered animals. It comes with a variety of nutrients in addition to proteins and is therefore included in our list of five best meats for dogs. Since most animal organs are not consumed by humans, it is easy to find the right amount for your dog from amazon.


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Muscle is the meat trimmings obtained from muscular parts of slaughtered animals. These trimmings can be obtained from local butcher shops and grocery stores. However they tend to be less nutritional as compared to animal organs as stated above but they are still one of the best meats for dogs.

When buying meats for your dogs, it is essential that you ascertain their origin. Road kill and any meat from animals that were dead on arrival may not be the best especially because it is not possible to know whether they have been checked for diseases. Serving healthy meats is the only way to ensure that you are promoting the health of your pets.

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