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Finding The Best Water Fountain For Cats

Some people may feel that getting a water fountain for your cats is odd, but it makes perfect sense. Many felines have a strong preference to drink running water as opposed to static water and an automatic fountain is the perfect way to please your cat without having to leave your sink running or go turn it on at your feline’s command. Keep in mind that cats tend to drink more water when they have access to running water and that is great for their kidneys. To make sure you get the best water fountain for cats, pay attention to the following characteristics.

Comparison chart of the best water fountain for cats

Product imageNameWater capacityPriceRating
Homdox Automatic Electric Pet Water Fountain Dog Cat 1.8 liters$$4.5
Five Star Pet Products Pet Fountain 1 Gallon$$4.3
Cat Mate Pet Fountain70 Fluid Oz$4.2
PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain168 Ounce$4.2
Uniclife Dog Cat Automatic Electric Drinking Bowl with LED Light1.8 liters$4.1
PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Fountain for Pets128 Ounce$4.1
PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain128 Ounce$$$4.0

Check out the best water fountain for cats

With the previous information in mind, you can start looking for the best water fountain for cats in your home. Each of the following products will be an excellent choice that encourages your feline to drink more water.

#7 – Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain

This drinking fountain holds 128 ounces of water, which is a full gallon. It is innovative in that there are up to five free-falling streams that you can change so your cats have several streams to choose from and multiple cats can drink at once. The flow control cap is adjustable so you can set up the water flow to the speed that your cat prefers and the 360-design means that your pets will have access from every side, perfect for sharing. To help you keep your cat healthy, there is a carbon water filter that can be replaced. It gets rid of odors and bad tastes while the foam filter removes debris and hair. This is the best water fountain for cats because it is made of hygienic stainless steel and very easy to clean; you can put it in the top shelf of your dishwasher. You can choose from the basic version or the version of the fountain that come with a cleaning kit.

#6 – Drinkwell 360 Fountain for Pets

This product is nearly identical to the previous one and made by the same company, PetSafe. The main difference is that it is made from BPA-free plastic as opposed to stainless steel. The fountain can still be washed in the dishwasher but the plastic makes it much more affordable. It still has the 128 ounce capacity and the ability to create up to five free-falling streams that change and are spread throughout all sides to let multiple cats drink at once. You get the replaceable carbon water filter and the foam filter to get rid of debris, hair, tastes, and odors and an adjustable flow.

#5 – Pet Water Fountain, Uniclife Dog Cat Automatic Electric Drinking Bowl With LED Light

This particular water fountain for cats has a slightly smaller capacity at 1.8 liters or 61 ounces. Its design means that the water flows continuously, encouraging your cats to drink and remain hydrated. There is an activated carbon filter that will ensure the water remains clean and fresh and replacement filters are available as well. It has a 12-volt power supply with low voltage that ensures safety, both yours and that of your feline. There is also a blue LED light that helps illuminate it at night, letting you see where the fountain is. The fountain is essentially silent when running, meaning you won’t mind leaving it on at night. The fountain itself if dishwasher safe, you just have to remove the pump and the water reservoir.

#4 – PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

This is the best water fountain for cats from PetSafe that involves a drinking platform instead of a 360-degree design. It has the same 168 ounce or one gallon capacity of the other models from the brand and a free-falling water stream. There are replaceable carbon filters to keep the water fresh and a built-in reservoir so you won’t have to refill it too often. This fountain is made from BPA-free plastic and safe to wash on the top shelf of the dishwasher. The overall design is simple with a large reservoir in the back that water flows out of. The water then pools in the bowl on the lower platform and circulates continuously. The constantly circulating water discourages bacterial growth between cleanings and there is a pre-filter that catches large articles and hair. The lid snaps into place so it is easy to remove by humans, but not pets.

#3 – Cat Mate Pet Fountain – 70 Fluid Oz.

Cats will love this particular water fountain since it has three different heights for of water for them to drink out of along with two different waterfall streams. There is a specially designed ramp in the drops that reduces the amount of water that splashes. For water purification, it comes with a polymer-carbon filter and you can also buy replacements from the company. This fountain also comes with a three year guarantee for peace of mind.

#2 – Five Star Pet Products Pet Fountain For Improved Pet Health

This particular water fountain for cats will hold up to a gallon of water so you shouldn’t have to refill it more than once every several days, even if you have multiple cats. The fountain’s design should make it appealing to your cat, encouraging him to drink more water. There are two small reservoirs at the top, a waterfall flow, and a larger reservoir at the bottom so there are multiple spots for your kitty to drink from. The machine is very quiet so it shouldn’t disturb you at all and it comes with a complete money back guarantee. This product is also very easy to clean.

#1 – Homdox Automatic Electric Pet Water Fountain Dog Cat Drinking Bowl With LED Light US Plug

This fountain already comes with replacement filters and you can buy additional ones separately. The height of it is lower, which makes it easier to find space for the fountain in your home. Your cat can drink from the bowl or the waterfall and the bowl is large enough for multiple cats to drink from it at once. The fountain’s reservoir holds 1.8 liters so you shouldn’t have to refill it very often. There is also an LED light so you will see it at night. If you prefer, you can also choose to turn off the LED light since your cat won’t need it to find the fountain thanks to his night vision. The light is for style and to help you.

What To Look For In The Best Water Fountain For Cats

There are a wide range of pet water fountains but with the following considerations, it doesn’t have to be daunting to find the best water fountain for cats. These important features can help you choose the right one.

  • Type Of Fountain

The first thing to consider is the type of fountain you want to get for your cats. Gravity fountains will work very similarly to the large dispensers at your office; you fill the bottle on top and your cat can enjoy fresh water until it runs out. These tend to be messier and louder as well. Some have charcoal filters, but these can be hard to clean and require replacing the filters. Some fountains will bubble the water up as well, and while some cats like this, it scares others. Bubbling fountains are also a bad idea for long-haired cats as their fur tends to get very wet.

  • Moving Water Vs Dropping Water

When choosing the type of your best water fountain for cats, you will need to think about how your cat actually drinks the water. Some fountains will create a circular stream which basically pushes the water out of the nozzle in such a way that it constantly moves within the bowl, kind of like a stream circulating. Many pets find this calming. A waterfall stream is just like it sounds and mimics the flow from a faucet. A large number of cats prefer this method, but it will be louder. Some cat fountains with multiple levels will also have both types of water for your cat to drink from.

  • Material

You will also need to consider what material you want your cat fountain to be made from. The most common one is plastic and if you opt for this always make sure it is BPA-free. Plastic tends to be cheapest but is typically harder to clean. Stainless steel will be more hygienic, last longer, and tends to be easier to clean. You can also find ceramic cat water fountains and these are more likely to have ornate designs, but they can be more breakable or harder to clean.

  • Number Of Spouts

If your idea of the best water fountain for cats has a waterfall-like spout, then you need to think about how many of these you need. If you only have one cat, then you can get any fountain you like. If, however, you have multiple cats, consider getting a water fountain that has at least two spouts on opposite ends so your felines won’t fight over getting a drink of water.

  • Water Flow Level

Think about how strong of a stream your cat will enjoy. Some cats want a thin trickle like they would get from the kitchen sink while others will prefer drinking out of a true waterfall dispenser that is a few centimeters wide. You may have to guess which your feline will prefer.

  • Multiple Levels

Consider whether you want a water fountain with a single level of pooled water or multiple levels. Those with at least two levels are nice in the sense that they give your cat the choice of what height they want to drink from. They can also help if you have multiple cats by providing multiple drinking locations. That being said, they are not always necessary unless your cat is picky or you have more than one.

  • Ease Of Cleaning

Just like anything that you would eat or drink from, make sure that the cat water fountain you buy is easy to clean. You will have to do this regularly to prevent bacteria from building or debris from forming. After all, dust will settle and some of your cat’s fur may fall in. Not all fountains are easy to clean so read reviews to get an idea.

  • How To Fill

Don’t forget to take a look at how you fill up the dispenser. The best water fountain for cats will be easy to fill up. In most cases, this means either a removable part that you bring to your sink and fill or a fairly large hole that you pour water into from a cup. Look at pictures and reviews to ensure filling it up is easy.

  • Holding Capacity

Pay attention to the amount of water the fountain can hold and how long that will last. Generally speaking, you want a product you only have to fill once each day or every few days as opposed to several days. A large capacity is particularly crucial if you have multiple cats.

  • Noise Level

Since your cat’s water fountain will have running water, there will always be some noise. Even so, you want a product that is as quiet as possible. The best way to get a feel for this is reading reviews.

  • Splashing

Some water fountains for cats are poorly designed and splash water onto the surrounding areas, but the best won’t. Check reviews or read the product description carefully to confirm the one you choose won’t make a mess.

  • For Home Or Travel

Think about whether you need the fountain for home or travel. You will likely want a larger one to have in your house and a smaller one if you travel with your cat frequently so it is portable.

  • UV Filtration

The best water fountain for cats will also have some sort of filtration system to keep the water as clean as possible. There are several types available, including UV filtration. While products with these may cost a bit more, they are worth it.

How to clean your pet water fountain

Here’s the easy step-by-step guide to clean your pets water fountain properly.


Now all that you have to do is decide which of the best water fountain for cats you want to buy. Think about the number of cats you have an all the other factors mentioned above then choose the right one from the above list. Once you get the fountain, you just have to fill it up and your cat will start enjoying it in no time.

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