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Male Dog Names and Meanings

It’s not easy to name a dog. A name is for life. You want to make sure you’re matching a name with his personality. Search the below boy dog names to find the one that pops out. Also, glance through our guide for naming dogs for tips on choosing the perfect name.

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List of Boy Dog Names

Guy Dog Names Personality Descriptions
Alan This old guy is a little pudgy, but filled with a whole lotta’ love.
Alex A brute of a dog who loves to roll around in the grass and tackle you with hugs.
Andy This pup knows how to party. No matter how old this dude gets, he’s making people laugh and getting plenty of belly rubs.
Ashton Spotlight baby. Loves the ladies. A little cheesy in his approach, but steals all the hearts. So get him a good and healthy food as a treat.
Auguston Upon first glance, this guy comes off very prim and proper–an English lad; but when he wants to play, he plays hard and isn’t afraid to get dirty.
Balki Perfect stranger? I think not. Give your goofball dog a throw-back sitcom name. Plus, it’s just a fun name to say.
‘Bama Whether you want to name your dog after a state college or after a president, this name holds weight.
Bart This is a spikey little dude who has a lot of personality. He sometimes gets in trouble. He may literally eats your shorts.
Beepers A tiny chap with a squeeky voice who knows how to get what he wants.
Benji Keep it clasic for this straight-forward fella for is all dog.
Bingo A that was his name-o. Bango. Perfect for a bull dog. Check out the best bull dog food as well.
Bo Bo knows best. And he’ll let you know that.
Bounce Whether you like dryer sheets or basketball, this name fits a sweet pup whose energy is contagious.
Bubba This guy has music in his soul and swagger in his step.
Buzz To the dog park and beyond. This dog is a dreamer who reaches for the stars.
Capone This guy likes to play it tough, but he’s really a softy at heart.
Chili A saucy fellow who spices up the party. He’s full flavor, all the time.
Cue You don’t have to tell him twice. He’s a smart and loyal puppy who’s always by your side.
Damen This guy is hip — in the cool way. Cool, confident and classic style.
Decan Like a tall glass of water. A refreshing burst of joy. Loyal to the bone.
Doug Now, he is the real king of queens. This name fits a dog who can get you laughing in no time.
Drew This guy loves to lounge around. His favorite spot is on your lap.
Elmer This guy is so happy, he must have the secret to life. An old soul with a deep heart.
Figaro An Italian through and through, this guy knows how to eat, love and have fun.
Finn This guy is a true buddy. He’ll be there through thick and thin. A devoted dog with deep eyes.
Frankie Gets to the point. Likes to keep things simple. Best friend forever.
Fred He’s lived a few lives. He’s seen many things. But his favorite place is laying next to you.
Frisco Talk about a party boy. This guy knows how to get it started.
Frito A high-energy, happy and friendly fido. He’s always got a smile on his face. Get some great stimulating toys for him.
Frye A curious, fearless pup. Brave and strong. Always defending your honor.
Fuzz A peppy pup. He has an adorable nerdy side to him where he’s not afraid to be silly.
Georgie Ah, little pudgy Georgie! He’s a puddle of love and lives for belly rubs.
Gerrard This athletic buck loves to run and play catch. He’s a muscle man who loves to snuggle after a long day of playing.
Gullickson This pup has played with the best of them. He has an energetic and happy demeanor and is loyal to the core.
Harold This guy likes to hang around the kitchen and catch the smells and the occasional food dropping. He’s hungry for treats and love.
Harry Forget Sally, Harry is all about you. He’s by your side 24/7 and his favorite thing is giving face kisses.
Hunk His name says it all. A bug lug of a dog, he’s also a handsome guy. Most interesting dog in the world.
Hunter A classic name for a dog that likes to kick it old-school and stick to running and “hunting” squirrels.
Ike Ike likes to live it up as much as he can. When he walks, he struts. When he jumps, he soars. He’s a showoff, but in the most lovable way.
Jackson He’s a hairball, but totally adorable. He’s a creative pup, always finding a way to have fun.
Jerry Jerry’s that dog in the park that you see walking perfectly in step with his owner. He loyal, he’s calm, he’s always by your side.
Jersey He’s a spunky guy who is all heart. He’s always running and his tail is constantly wagging.
Joey A connoisseur of the finer things in life, this pup loves living the high life and has a sophisticated palate.
Kingston This puppy is the center of the party — all of the time. He’s oozes cuteness and people can’t resist him.
Knuckles If this guy was a city, he’d be Boston. He can be a tough guy, but he’s also filled will gooey, silly love.
Leif Sophisticated, regal and well-read, this dog is a trip. He prefers to spend his time with the humans over the canines.
Lenny A goofball who keeps you entertained. He brings a smile to everyone he meets.
Lennox This guy is rockstar cool. He would wear sunglasses if he could. He’s got a swagger, but he’s never too cool for belly rubs.
Mathis This fido is a peacemaker who wants to keep everything fair and balanced.
Maxwell You know when Maxwell has entered a room. He makes sure he gets the spotlight on his adorable self.
Merv An older guy, this guy prefers sunning to running. He’s the perfect Sunday sleep-in companion.
Mick Inquisitive and curious, this guy easily gets into trouble. But in the most adorable way possible.
Ned Ned is a dog who likes to keep it simple. As long as he has a warm floor and bowl of food, he’s content.
Niko A little edgy, a little Euro, a whole lotta love. This puppy never stops shaking his groove thang.
Norman Wholesome and family-oriented, this guy really could be the well-behaved dog sitting next to the Thanksgiving table.
Ole This big-pawed dawg have a big heart too. He’s a lazy dog and his favorite sport is floor-plopping.
Oscar This male dog is so adored, they give out awards named after him.
Ozzie Ozzie cannot lie. He “speaks” what he feels. A passionate pup who’s not afraid to make a statement.
Paco This guy has a pocket full of sunshine and he ain’t gonna let anyone keep him down.
Perry An investigator by nature, this guy is always looking for the latest scoop.
Pico Spicy, chunky and a little saucy – this dog gots some attitude.
Radar Is it a bird, a plane? No it’s Radar zooming in for some snuggle time! He’s as fly as fly can be.
Rand A nerd at heart, he’s a handsome little bugger who loves to make bed forts.
Romeo A true romantic. Deep eyes and a deeper soul. This dog will break your heart.
Roscoe A big ole adorable lug who lives for bacon and butt rubs.
Rudy This spunkster has a lot of energy and would break dance if he could. Actually, he does when you’re not home.
Rutherford A knightly little dude who prefers to be served, rather than to follow.
Samson This canine knows how to straight up chillax. It’s his profession.
Sanje This is just a cool name. Name your dog this already.
Shadow This loyal dog is always by your side. He’s trusting and he’s sincere. And you’ll step on him a lot.
Skeeter The only think different between Skeeter and Skooter is that Skeeter prefers ballroom dancing to moonwalking.
Skelator A metal head at heart, but he’ll tone it down when your grandparents visit.
Ski High energy. High energy. Can’t stop it. This guy would go to raves if he could.
Skooter So what if acts a little dorky? He couldn’t care less if people stare at him while he does his thing. His thing, btw, is moonwalking.
Smokey What he lacks for in intelligence, he makes up in love. You are his one and only.
Snoop This pup has serious swagger. A little roll in his step and smirk in his eye.
Sol This guy lives in the clouds, in the best way. A space cadet who just wants to smell the roses.
Sonny He gives bear hugs better than bears. He’s a bundle of joy who can’t stop smiling.
Spot He’s got a spot on his butt. That’s why he’s named spot.
Sushi You like sushi. Go ahead and name your dog “Sushi”.
Taco You like tacos. Name your dog after your favorite food.
Taz He’s a little devil. He puts the dirt in devil, yo.
Theo He’s the leader of the pack. He may get himself in a pickle, but by the end of the Cosby show, he’ll have learned a valuable lesson.
Torres An athlete at heart, this guy’s legs never stop moving. He’s a runner and a wrestler and he lives for the dog park.
Utah A little bit of a loner, but in the sophisticated way.
Warren Dollar bills, ya’ll. This guy is banking in the love department.
Wifi This rocking pup is omnipresent. He’s every where, all the time.
Wiki He thinks he knows it all, and that’s OK. Cuz you can’t be mad at his adorbs mug for too long.
Wilfred A little formal, a little funky. This guy was made to sit on an armchair and snooze.
Windy This guy is a hippy at heart – going wherever the wind blows and trusting it’s a good place.
Withers A somewhat wrinkly dude, but young at heart.

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Please also add your favorite male dog names in the comments below so we can grow this list. We also have a great list of girl dog names and a guide to house-breaking your new puppy.

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