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Female Dog Names and Meanings

Below are girl dog names and their meanings (listed alphabetically).  Happy hunting. Psst…did you just adopt a puppy? Be sure to check out our top tips for potty training puppies!

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Cool Names for Your Lady Dog

Girl Dog Names Personality Descriptions
Adele Does your girl just sing to you? This name is fitting for an old soul who sees the beauty in the tiny details of life.
Alice You don’t have to go ask her, you know that’s she’s always happy. She’s a sweetheart, and mostly a homebody. Happiest on the couch taking in the smells from the kitchen.
Ally A spunky name for a colorful hound. She’s bright and street smart. You can’t pull a fast one on this girl.
Amber The typical golden girl. Center of attention, but in the adorable–not pushy–way.
Amelda She has a curious nature. She reminds you of the girl with the black bob in that French movie.
Amy Oh, sweet Amy. She’s so darling you smile just pronouncing her name. She prefers pedicures to pounding the pavement.
Annie She maybe be little, but she knows she’s no orphan. She’s got her human parents wrapped around her adorable tiny paw.
Apple If a celebrity can name her daughter after a fruit, you better believe you can name your tangy pooch “Apple”.
April A fresh, laid back gal whose favorite thing is sunning her belly. At night, she’s curling under the covers.
Ash Fitting name for a lady who doesn’t mind getting her feet a little dirty. She’s a hard worker when called upon and an expert snuggler the rest of the time.
Autumn Was your little gal born among the time of the leaves? Does she have a lovely fall color to her?
Barb She knows what she wants in life and she cuts to the chase. She’s a picky eater, but a full lover. Most Barbs have curly hair and so make sure to pick up these dog grooming scissors.
Bebe This name fits a little firecracker who’s full of energy and has the spunk to back up this sparky name.
Bee Got a little one who’s always buzzing around. This name is for an active little lady who pollinating your home with lots of love. Don’t forget to her the stimulating dog toys.
Bella This is a pizza place by my house that we like. If you and your dog like pizza, Bella’s a great name. Plus, it’s got a good ring to it.
Betsy She’s a ball chaser, that’s for sure. An energetic, vocal gal who lives for the chase. “Bets” for short.
Bongo She gets this name for the way her tummy sounds when you “play it”. She’s a chill dog who wants nothing more than to kiss you all day.
Bounce Frisky personality? Got a little bop in her step? Do you really like those dryer sheets? This name is meant for a little lady with a lot of personality.
CeCe Is your adorable and sweet girl so drenched by passerby’s attention that you need to say her name twice just to get her to snap out of the love fests she gets every day?
Cue Did you rescue your dog (or, rather, did she rescue you?) ☺ Pay homage to your rescue girl with a fitting name. This could be the perfect name for your chihuahua. Don’t forget to read this guide on best food for chihuahuas.
Dahlia Do you have a sun goddess on your hands? “Dahlia” fits a gentle pup who loves enjoying the Earth’s simple pleasures.
Dahrma Is your pup a flower child? Does she have that calm, loving look in her eye when she glances at you?
Daisy Bright and bouncy, this girl loves everyone and everything in her path. She reaches toward the sun and appreciates a quiet rain.
Dee Fits an expressive pooch who can quiz you with just a twitch of her eyebrows. She’s spunky and always has a smile on her face.
Dixie She’s kinda complex. She may act a little tough at first, but she’s a big fluffy marshmallow inside. She loves her family and is loyal to the core.
Dorthy Dorthy would put on a cherry apron and make you cookies if she could. She’s a mama who loves everyone around her as if they were her kids.
Dot A cutie pie who needs no physical dots on her to own this name. She’s named for the freckles of joy she spreads around the house. Or just name your dog this because she’s got a big dot on her.
Elaine An awkward but endearing little lady who has a spunky side. She may not have all the moves, but she’ll dazzle you with her wit.
Ella Does your pooch leave a light footprint? Does she have a confident silence about her?
Elsie A stubborn, strong lover of a dog. She not all lovey-dovey off the bat—you have to earn your trust. But once you do, she’s yours forever.
Eva Eva, with a cool “e”. This gal has style. She’s confident and has a swagger in her step. As cool as she is, she always has time for cuddles.
Eve She’s calm and collected. She has bursts of energy, but napping next to her parents is her favorite sport. She tells you she loves you with a cool wink of her eye.
Gail If she could, she would bake you cookies when you were feeling down. This sweetie pie is a kisser who cares deeply about her friends.
Georgia That song was written for her. This female has serious sway with musician types. She’s a heart breaker and she knows it.
Georgie The name is for a tomgirl who would rather be rolling in the fields rather than walking the runway. But when it comes to snuggling, she’s down.
Grace Is your dog so good-natured and well-behaved that she almost says “please” and “thank you” when you give her treats?
Indy Her spirit soars with the wind and roars through the rivers. This is a true “of the land” girl. She’s a roamer, but she always finds her way back to your bed.
Juliet She’ll follow you to the very end. Loyal and loving, this female has your back forever. And she fully expects belly rubs in return.
June She’s an athlete who was born to run. She loves playing with her canine friends, but she’s a sleep-under-the-coves girl, too.
Kara Fitting for a sweet girl who loves belly rubs and stretching out on the couch with you.
Lady A Victorian at heart, this pooch stands tall and has her manners down pat. No matter what room she walks into, she is strong and confident in her ability to steal the spotlight.
London This name is for a dog who has such a personality that she’s named after one of coolest, most complex cities in the world. She’s tough and sweet at the same time.
Lucy Who doesn’t love Lucy? People are drawn to her friendly demeanor and she’s got a little bit of “adorable crazy” in her.
Mandy or Manda If your dog was a human, would she be a cheerleader? This pup name is great for a bright, bouncy personality that fills a room.
Maria She’s so darling, you want to sing her name. Not a mean bone in her body. She’s affectionate and extremely caring. She can turn your bad day around in under 30 seconds.
May Ah, Miss May. She’s graceful and regal. An old soul whose eyes are as mysterious as they are beautiful.
Nico or Niko She’s half punk rock and half sweetpea. On the sidewalks and in the parks, she steals everyone’s heart.
Norma She’s got a classic, timeless look to her. She’s on the quiet, calmer side, but her heart is as big as her eyes are deep.
Pammy This girl is taking the world by storm. She’s high energy and highly focused. She prefers the challenge of a Frisbee versus a boring old ball. She’s loyal to the core.
Paris There’s only a few dogs that can pull of this name and still be taken seriously. An alternative to this female dog name is “Princess”.
Peach Have a Southern Bell who has a soft demeanor? Perfect name for the pup who requires serious napping and sunning.
Petra She knows what’s up. She walks into every room with confidence. She knows how to use her canine charm to get those treats and she has no shame in doing so.
Pinky or Pink The female has moxie and lots of it. She’s tough but in an endearing, adorable way. She’s a goofy gal who staunchly loves her people.
Pippa The name is for a pup who’s got enough energy to live up to this bouncy name. She’s a talker and she works her good looks to keep those treats coming in.
Rae This dog is sure of herself. She’s a force of physical ability and determination. A sporty pooch, she also has her softer, more smoochy side when she’s at home.
Rain A hippy at heart, she’s the salt of the earth. She cool, but she has a thunderous, spicy side, too.
Rose A stunning beauty who makes you earn her trust and love. She a sweetie who has a little tough side to her. Or just name her after that girl in that movie about the big ship reck.
Sandy She likes to keep it simple. Nothing fancy. She’s just a lady who likes long runs and short naps.
Snooky If you choose this name for your dog, there’s nothing anyone can tell you to change your mind. This name is fine for a dog who doesn’t take her owner seriously.
Spring She’s a breath of fresh air, this one. She lives life to its fullest and always has a little bounce in her step.
Summer This is a gal who seems like she’s always singing a song. She’s happiest lounging on a cool slab of concrete in the sun, listening to the birds chirp.
Suzie 100 percent cutiepie. This puppy is ridiculously uncoordinated. She basically walks sideways. But it’s those things that make her such a cuteball.
Teal This gal is hard to pin a tail on. Sometimes a shade of green, sometimes blue—but always bright and happy.
Tippa Tippa is a name that can fit an adorable, purse-riding princess or a larger dog who drips regalness with her every step.
Treb This girl has a beat to her step. She’s a generally happy dog with bouts of silly hyperness.
Tulip This is a sweet name for a saucy girl with a big heart. She’s spunky, tough, delicate and bashful all at the same time.
Vee This hip dog name is perfect a courageous dog who will always have your back. She’s the type of gal who nods her head to you when you look her way.
Vera A dramatic dog, passionate about life and the people she loves. If she was a human, she would wear a blood red cape and lots and lots of mascara.
Winter Sometimes it seems as if she’s worlds away, contemplating what it means to be alive. This dog is a thoughtful thinker who loves with her full heart.


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If you have names you would like to add to this list, leave a comment with your girl dog name suggestion.

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To help others choose the perfect name for their new dog, please also add a detailed description of what kind of dog would best fit the name.

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