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Fabulous Celebrity Dog Names

Celebs sometimes name their kids after their favorite fruits or days of the week, but what do these people name their pets? Check out these sometimes wild (mostly awesome) dog names the stars bestowed upon their pups.

Many of these celebrity dog names are also in this book which makes me wonder if they have been named from this book.

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Natalie Portman's dog was named Noodles.

Miss Natalie Portman’s dog was Noodles!

Seriously awesome name for Adam Sandler's dog

Matzoball is snug and happy in the arm of his dad, Adam Sandler

Rihanna's hairy little love is named Oliver

Rihanna named this little stinker Oliver!

Ashton and Demi love their little ones

Ashton’s little doggie is named Vida Blue

Mariah named her pooch Jackson P. Mutley!

Mariah Carey loooves her water-loving dog Jackson P. Mutley

Audrey Hepburn was a dog lover

Aubrey Hepburn had a little Yorkie she named Mr. Famous.

Carrie Underwood's dog names

Carrie Underwood’s adorable little dogs, Ace and Penny

John Legend's dog Puddy!

John Legend’s English Bulldog, Puddy! Don’t forget to check out our post of best dog food for bull dogs.

Other Stars’ Dogs

Paris Hilton has a ton of dogs (something like more than 15). Some of the names include Tinkerbell, Baby Mimi, Hendrix, Tokyo Blu and Harajubu Bitch.

Miley Cyrus, takes time away from twerking to hang with Mate, her German Shepard (see some of her other dogs in the picture at the bottom of the page too)

Beyonce has a tiny Shih Tzu named Munchie and we heard she has a dog named “Giardiniera”, which we love beyond words because we are actually Chicago style giardiniera freaks and have a whole website dedicated to giaridniera, the most wonderful condiment on this planet.

Justin Bieber‘s Papillon is named Sammy.

Selena Gomez has a handsome Husky named Baylor.

Selma Blair named her adopted one-eyed Jack Russell, Wink. Love!

Minnie Driver loves her pooch named Bubba.

Lucille Ball (I LOVE LUCY!) had two dogs named Tinker Toy and Whoopee.

50 Cent actually named his Miniature Schnauzer Oprah Winfrey

Teen pop star turned kinda adult, Miliey Cyrus loves her little dogs

Miliey Cyrus goes nuts for her dogs Loco and Roadie

Who doesn't love Matthew McConaughey with a dog?

How adorable. Matthew McConaughey named his dog Foxy.










Oprah¬†doesn’t have a dog named 50 cent; she chose Sunny and Lauren as names for her English Springer Spaniels

Eva Longoria went 50 Cent’s route and named her Pug after Oprah

Courtney Love named her gal Princess Pep.

Jessica Biel‘s American Pit Bull is named Tina (hey Jessica, way to save a Pittie and help fight the negative stereotypes our loving pitbulls face!)

Ben Afleck has a dog named Martha Stewart. Martha, in turn, has a dog named Afleck. Just kidding, Martha’s dogs are named Teeny and Weeny.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has a cutie-pie Boxer named Mona.

Jessica Simpson‘s Maltese-Toy Poodle is named Daisy.

Adele‘s Dachshund goes by Louie

Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody (now an ex) have a dog named Thurmen Murmen. Adama Brody also has a little one named Penny Lane.

Christina Aguilera‘s dog babies are Chewy and Stinky.

Anna Nicole Smith had a dog named Mommie.

Hugh Jackman ditches his tough guy image when he’s with his French Bulldog, Mocha.

Britney Spears surrounds herself with Lacy, a Maltese, and her Chihuahuas, Bit BIt, Snow White and Lucky. Check out the best dog food for chihuahuas here.

Christina Ricci‘s Pinscher is named Sheriff Steve Goldberg.

Courtney Love, of Hole, has a pup named Llyod. Fancy dog name for a funky gal.

Brad Pitt has Purty and Saudi following him around the house.

Mischa Barton brings her pup Ziggy everywhere she goes.

Kelly Clarkson rarely leaves her best buddies, Joplin and Security behind when she’s on the road.

Jake Gyllenhaal loves Atticus, his German Shepard.

Stars’ Favorite Gifts for Their Dogs

Celebs have the luxury to drop thousands on their BFFs. They love to tote their tiny dogs around in $5,000+ dog bags and splurge on expensive dog toys.

Us “regular folk” don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to drop on our pooches, so we found luxurious gifts your dog will love (that won’t leave you broke).

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