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Dog Naming Guide: Pick the Perfect Dog Name

Congrats on finding your canine soul mate! Now, it’s time to choose the perfect name for him or her.

Check out these female and male dog names and decide which one best fits your dog’s unique personality:

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What to Consider When Naming Your Dog

Picking a name for a dog is a big deal. Not only will you’re dog have to faithfully respond to it, but you’ll be saying it every day for years to come.

Here are some things to consider when picking a name for your dog.

What’s Your Dog’s Personality Like?

Take some time to get to know your new companion. Is he high or low energy? Is he more of a “dog’s dog” or a “human’s best bud”? Is she a diva or a dork? Is he high maintenance or more of a woodsy dog?

  • Got a goofball? Ending a name with vowel gives your dog a name that has a little fun.
  • Got a lover dog? A mushy, tail-wagging, kisser? Lovers often fit with names that have more vowels than constants.
  • Got a shy guy or gal who loves alone time with you? Chances are they don’t want some big fancy name—keep it simple and shoot for a 3-5 letter name.

Write down at least five characteristics of your pooch, then surf these names and descriptions of names to find a good match.

What Does Your Pup Look Like?

Do you have a cutie pie Maltese with pigtails or do you have a big drooling, adorable Swiss Mountain Dog?

Picking a super feminine and high maintenance name like “Beyonce” for a mountain dog probably isn’t fitting (but on the other hand, it could be hilarious.)

Does Your Dog Already Have a Name? How to Change a Dog’s Name.

When you rescue a dog, he may already come with a name. If you want to rename your dog, we suggest sticking to one or all of these pointers:

  • the new name should have the same number of syllables as the dog’s old name.
  • stay with a name that has the same rhythm as the old name (for example, with the name “AleX”, you stress the “X” at the end of the word when you speak it, so you want stick with a name where the last part is stressed, such as “BenJI”)
  • it can help to rename your dog with the same starting letter (Lily to Lula)

Remember, it’s totally fine to change your dog’s name. Just try to find something within the same range as his old name so he doesn’t get confused.

Just Go With Your Heart

In the end, you have to name your dog from your heart. It can be helpful to listen to guidelines, but you don’t listen to any “rules” anyone makes. This is your close companion and you have to name her from your gut.

How to Teach Your Dog His New Name

You can easily teach your dog his name — it doesn’t matter whether he has a short name like “Fido” or a long name like “Mr. Alexander Worthington Pants”. Every dog can learn his name.

Here’s a trick to get your pup to respond to his new name (surprise, surprise – it includes dog treats!).

  1. Say his name in the regular tone you would say his name (not high pitched or too loud)
  2. When he looks at you, toss him a small, low-calorie treat.
  3. For the first week, do this at least 4 or 5 times a day (and make sure all members of your family participate)

Good luck and congrats on your new family member!

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