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Coolest Gifts for Dog Lovers

Looking for a cool gift for your dog-loving friend? Here’s a list of awesome gifts that every dog will love. Prices start at just five bucks.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of coolest gifts for dog lovers
  2. Detailed review of coolest gifts for dog lovers

Comparison Chart Of Coolest Gifts for Dog Lovers

Wisdom Panel$$$4.8
PetSafe PIF-300$$$4.6
Star Trek$4.5
Dyson DC65$$$4.4
Deer Antlers$$$4.3

Detailed Review Of Coolest Gifts for Dog Lovers

Awesome Dog (and Cat) Water Fountain

cool gift for dog owner

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Animals love to drink from running water. Circulated water stays clean and often encourages dogs to drink more. Good water intake = healthy dog! Your friend’s BFF will use this gift everyday.

The Gift of Knowledge: Dog DNA Gift

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Just swab your dog’s mouth, send the test in and within a few days, find out what kind of breed your pup is. Any dog owner will love this present. We always wonder what kinds of breeds are in our dog – your gift will allow your loved one to find out once and for all!

Super Cute Dinosaur Nylabone!

coll gifts for dog owners

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Our dogs love these nylabones. Many dogs can’t stomach rawhide, so this is great chewing option. They are safe and last for a super long time.

The Gift of Safety and Security – The Electric Dog Fence

dog security system gift

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OK, this is a serious present, but it’s so awesome!! If you have a loved one who has a dog but doesn’t have a fenced-in yard, this gift will change their lives. With this safe, wireless dog fence, they’ll be able to let their dog run free and have peace of mind that their canine BFF is safe.


Star Trek Dog Toy for Your Favorite “Nerd”!

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OK, I challenge you find one person who won’t find this gift beyond awesome! I know you have like 5 friends who would crack up at this dog toy.

The Best Vacuum for Pet Parents

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This pet-friendly vacuum will CHANGE THEIR LIFE. Seriously, dog hair on clothes and couches will be a thing of the past after you give them this awesome gift. A fabulous gift for a wedding or if you’re going to go in with friends on a big gift for your dog loving friends. This present will absolutely FLOOR them. 😉


Deer Antler Chews: Keep Dogs Busy and Satisfied

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Deer antlers might sound gross to us, but our dogs freak out at these treats. They last FOREVER and keep dogs entertained.


Cool Art for Their Walls

There’s some seriously cool, original dog-centric art out there. Check it out:

Bike Trailer for Dogs = Happier Joy Riding

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Have a biker friend? They are going to flip when they see what you got them. Now they can take their best friend with them on their rides! I would die if someone to buy this for me and my Tulip! How cool is it to take your pup for a cruise like this?


The Gift of Comfort: A Comfy Dog Bed

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Do you have a friend who has an older dog or a dog that just likes to layyyy around the house all day? This comfy pet bed ensures they doze in comfort! (As an added bonus, it gives your friend her bed back.)

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Happy shopping! Your friends are going to love what you got them.

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