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How To Buy The Best Dog Brush For Labs

No matter the type of dog you have, you need to groom him regularly to prevent uncomfortable knots and matting on his fur. This can be particularly important with Labradors since they tend to be fairly active and can get dirty very quickly, making their fur even messier. With the best dog brush for labs, your pooch’s coat will be easy to maintain and he won’t have a problem with regular grooming sessions. Find out what to look for in your next grooming brush and then check out some of the best products available.

Comparison chart of the best dog brush for labs

Product imageNamePriceRating
GoPets Deshedding Tool$$$4.8
K9KONNECTION Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats $$4.7
HappyDogz Pet Grooming Shedding Brush for Dog & Cat Hair$4.7
WoofMeow Cat & Dog Grooming Brush and Deshedding Tool$4.7
Petssence DeShedding brush & Pet Grooming Tool$4.6
Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush for Dogs $4.3
CRUPET Pet Grooming Tools & Pet Grooming Brush$4.0

Check out the best dog brush for labs

Out of the various types of brushes, the following products include the best dog brush for labs that you can find. Each will remove the loose and dead fur from your pooch to prevent mats and stop your lab from shedding on your furniture.

#7 – Pet Grooming Tools & Pet Grooming Brush – Professional by Crupe

This particular brush is designed to instantly reduce the amount of fur that your dog sheds by collecting it. It will actually reduce the shedding by 90 percent since it lifts off the loose fur. It has an ergonomic handle that is comfortable to use. The brush has 100mm teeth made from stainless steel that will effectively take care of your Labrador’s coat as well as that of any other pet you have. The four-inch blade has been precisely engineered to glide through your pet’s coat effortlessly without pulling or injuring the skin. It is also highly durable and comes with a blade cover to protect the blade. For peace of mind, it comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

 #6 – Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush For Dogs & Cats By GoPets

This is the best dog brush for labs if you can’t decide which style of brush you want. Because there are two sides, you get two styles of brushes, making it versatile enough to work on your Labrador and other dogs or cats. The pin brush has rounded ends that ensure your pooch’s comfort while grooming. The handle is filled with silicone gel for comfort and has a non-slip design so it will fit in your hand easily. The bristles help you effectively remove loose fur in minutes and they are soft yet firm so they get deep into the coat and reach your lab’s undercoat. Like the previous product, this one has an unconditional satisfaction guarantee and a portion of the profits are donated.

#5 – Petssence DeShedding Brush & Pet Grooming Tool For Small, Medium & Large Dogs & Cats

This is a best dog brush for labs that is incredibly similar to the other products on the list. It only takes a few minutes to use effectively and doing so will reduce your Labrador’s shedding by as much as 95 percent. The stainless steel blade is four inches long and reaches below the topcoat so it can gently remove any loose hair without causing any damage to your dog’s skin. There is an included safe blade cover as well. The handle is made from ergonomic rubber for sturdiness and comfort. This brush comes with a 365 day money back guarantee with no hassle returns.

#4 – Cat & Dog Grooming Brush And Deshedding Tool – 10 YEAR GUARANTEE

This is a fairly similar product to the previous one, but it actually comes with a 10 year unbreakable guarantee, something that should give you a great deal of confidence and indicates what a great buy this brush is. With regular use, this brush will reduce the amount of pet hair in your house by as much as 95 percent. It works well on Labradors as well as dogs and cats of any size thanks to its four inch size. The comb is made from stainless steel, which is why it is able to last so long and the sturdy plastic coating includes an ergonomic handle. The comb works well with double coats like that of your Labrador as well as pooches with single coats so you can use it on multiple animals.

#3 – HappyDogz Pet Grooming Shedding Brush For Dog & Cat Hair

There are two sizes to choose from for this particular grooming brush for your Labrador. Like the other products, it will reduce shedding by as much as 95 percent in just a few minutes of use. The brush has been proven to maintain a healthy and shiny coat that is soft thanks to the high-quality shedding blades made from stainless steel. It was designed to be versatile so you can use it on larger or smaller pooches as well. This deshedder also has a 10-year manufacturer guarantee to give you confidence and save you money.

#2 – K9CONNECTION Self Cleaning Slicker Brush For Dogs And Cats

You can get this slicker brush in green or black and it is incredibly easy to use. You should notice results in a matter of minutes and the brush is self-cleaning for convenience. Just press a button and the hair wipes off with ease. It features soft bristles to remove loose hair as well as fur gently but still be able to get rid of dirt trapped in the undercoat, knots, or tangles. The handle’s ergonomic design is comfortable to use for extended periods of time, not that you need to do so with this effective brush.

#1 – GoPets Deshedding Tool With Self Cleaning Curved Comb Blade, Sturdy And Ergonomic Handle, 4 Inch Brush

This is a best dog brush for labs with a curved blade that helps ensure that you get every spot of your Labrador’s body. This curved design is more efficient and more comfortable to use. The comb is made from stainless steel and four inches long. It also comes with a safe blade cover to protect the blades and prevent accidental injury. The handle is incredibly sturdy and will not break. Cleaning this brush is a breeze as you simply press the automatic fur ejector button and are done. With just fifteen minutes of grooming a week, you should be able to get rid of up to 95 percent of shedding. You can also use it with slicker combs and there are two sizes to choose from. There is an unconditional satisfaction guarantee so you can count on the quality. To make the product even better, the sellers donates a portion of their profits to animal charities, rescues, and no-kill shelters.

Features Of the Best Dog Brush For Labs

The best dog brush for labs will have a few key features, but the one that you choose will also depend on exactly what you are looking for. Consider the following information when selecting the brush to make sure you choose the right one.

  • Slicker, Pin, Bristle, Or Undercoat Rake

The very first thing you will have to figure out is what style of dog brush you should get your lab. Slicker brushes are made of rows of wire pins that are typically bent at the end, making it easier to get loose hair. They are great for removing dead undercoat on your lab and you can find options with soft or hard pins. Pin brushes are designed to remove tangles on longer-haired dogs, which means they should typically be avoided for labs. Bristle brushes won’t have any metal; instead they will have bristles that are natural or man-made. They help get debris and dirt off your dog’s coat and are great for everyday use or getting a shiny coat. Finally, undercoat rakes are perfect for getting rid of your lab’s undercoat when it is shedding while removing tangles from the fur. This brush is recognizable for its loner teeth.

  • Rubber Brush?

Another good option for the best dog brush for labs is a rubber brush, which is great for removing loose fur. As a bonus, these will also massage your canine and you can use them to spread around shampoo since their rubber material won’t be damaged in the water.

  • Shedding Blades?

You can also consider getting shedding blades for your Labrador, but these are typically a bad idea unless you know how to use them. If you are experienced, they are a useful way to get rid of shedding or dead hair but you can also accidentally ruin your pooch’s coat or even hurt him.

  • Flea Combs

Although not technically a brush, you may also want to consider buying a flea comb for your Labrador in addition to a brush for regular grooming. These combs have close pins or teeth that are designed to catch fleas, but they can be challenging to work through the fur of your lab. It is very useful to have one on hand, however, in case you ever suspect your lab gets fleas.

  • Size

The size of the brush in question is always a concern. With a Labrador, you will typically want a medium to large sized brush so you can cover a wider area of fur at once and reduce the time of the grooming session. Keeping that in mind, you will also want to have a smaller brush on hand to get small areas like your pooch’s paws and head.

  • Ease Of Cleaning

Just because you are using the dog brush to clean your Labrador doesn’t mean the brush itself will necessarily be easy to clean. You should choose a model that was designed to make it easy to get the fur off and some designs do this better than others. If you are willing to spend a bit more, you will actually find brushes with retractable bristles that make cleaning a breeze. Bristle brushes, for example, tend to be harder to clean than slicker brushes or undercoat rakes.

  • Constant Tangles Or Matting

Think about if your lab tends to get a lot of matting or tangles in his fur since this will influence the type of brush you should buy. In this case, a slicker brush tends to be the best dog brush for labs with tangled coats since they are designed to ease these knots. You will find it much easier to undo your pooch’s knots with a slicker brush than the other types.

  • Comfort When Using

Don’t forget to consider how your hands and wrists will be when using the brush. Since you will be using the dog brush often, you want a design that will feel good in your hands so you can groom your entire Labrador in a single session. Comfort is even more important if you have multiple dogs and like to groom them all at once. Take a look at the handle of the brush to check for ergonomics and comfort grips. You can also read reviews to see what people say about how they feel when using the brush for an extended period of time.

  • Rounded Edges

You will notice that some dog brushes have straight edges while others are rounded on the ends. Opting for one with rounded edges will make grooming a little easier since the brush curves with your canine’s body. That being said, most people do fine with straight edged brushes as well.

  • Guarantee

Pay attention to whether the brush you choose to buy comes with a warranty or guarantee of some sort. This can give you peace of mind and indicate that the product is higher quality. After all, a manufacturer won’t offer a guarantee on a product they constantly have to replace; they would lose money.

  • Price

You will also need to consider how much you can spend on the getting a grooming tool. The best dog brush for labs may be a bit more expensive than the alternatives, but it will be worth it. These more expensive products tend to do a better job at getting the loose fur off your pooch and may be easier to clean. They are also more likely to come with a warranty and less likely to break or hurt your canine if you reach a stubborn knot.

How to reduce shedding on double coated dogs

This is short demonstration on how to reduce shedding on double coated dogs.


To start grooming your pooch as soon as possible, you should make a decision and order the best dog brush for labs. Your Labrador will thank you for his clean and tangle-free coat. Any of the above products should be easy to use and deliver the desired results. You just have to decide which one you prefer and you can get into a regular brushing schedule with your pooch right away.

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