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Top 10 Best Toys For Bored Dogs 2021

If you have a dog, you want to treat him well and make sure that he is always happy. This means ensuring he is properly entertained with toys and games. Its very important to have the best toys for bored dogs at home when they are alone. Toys are especially important if you go to work during the day and leave your pooch at home alone as without them, he will get bored. Simply choosing any toy will probably make your dog happy, but some will do a better job at keeping him entertained than others.

Table of Content:

  1. Best Toys for Bored Dogs List and Comparison Chart
  2. Independent Detailed Review of Best Dog Toys
  3. Risks for Boredom in Dogs
  4. Is your dog bored?
  5. How to Choose Best Toys for Bored Dogs
  6. How to combat your dog’s boredom( a video)

Best Toys for Bored Dogs List:

best toys for bored dogsKONG Medium Cozie Dog Squeaky Toy$$4.9
good toys for bored dogsBenebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy$$$4.8
good toy for bored dogsOur Pets Smarter Interactive IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy (Colors May Vary)$$4.8
bored-dog-toys-1KONG Classic KONG Dog Toy$$$4.7
bored dog toysPetSafe Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone Dog Toy$$$4.6
best toys for bored dogsMammoth Flossy Chews Cottonblend Color 3-Knot Rope Tug$$4.5
KONG Extreme Dog Toy$$$4.5
KONG Goodie Bone Dog Toy$$$4.4
Dog Toys Durable & Fun Long-Lasting Chew Rope Toys$$$4.3
Fetch Pet Products Hatchables Dog Toy$$$$4.2

Independent Review of The Top Rated Best Toys For Bored Dogs

If your dog is bored, consider buying several different toys for him. This way you can rotate them and he can have a new item to play with every day or every few days. This list of the best toys for bored dogs should help you get started.

KONG Medium Cozie Dog Squeaky Toy

best toys for bored dogs

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This medium sized squeaky toy from KONG has a reliable construction that makes it durable. There are ten different characters to choose from so you can pick the one you think your dog will like best. Its strength is increased by the extra material layer. The squeaking sound keeps your pooch interested and there is a minimal amount of filling to reduce the mess if your canine destroys the toy. That being said, it is not designed for chew sessions. Instead, it is for cuddling and general play.

Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

good toys for bored dogs

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This is one of the best toys for bored dogs who need something to chew on. The bacon flavor keeps your pooch interested and the design follows the brand’s patented curved wishbone to make it easier for your dog to get a hold of it. The product was made in the United States so you can trust it to not contain harmful chemicals.

Our Pets Smarter Interactive IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy (Colors May Vary)

good toy for bored dogs

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This dog toy is perfect if you want to stimulate your furry friend’s mind. Simply put his favorite food or treat inside and let him roll it around on the floor until it spills out the treats. Best of all, you can adjust the difficulty level to make it harder for your dog as he gets used to the toy. The size of this particular model makes it perfect for medium or large breeds.

KONG Classic KONG Dog Toy

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The classic KONG toy has long been a favorite and considered by experts to be one of the best toys for bored dogs. Stuff treats inside and your dog will watch the toy bounce around and slowly spill out the treats. You can pick from six different sizes so you get the right one for your pooch to enjoy. Let your dog play with the KONG by himself when you are out or use it for fetch.

PetSafe Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone Dog Toy

bored dog toys

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As one of the best toys for bored dogs, this product combines a nylon bone with a rubber ball. There are also treat rings that encourage your pooch to keep playing. The product has been tested for health and safety and it is very durable. It has a hard chew strength with refills available. There are four sizes to choose from.

Mammoth Flossy Chews Cottonblend Color 3-Knot Rope Tug

best toys for bored dogs

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Among rope toys, this is one of the best to prevent boredom in your dog. There are five sizes to choose from and you can use it to play tug a war or simply let your pooch swing it around and play by himself when you are gone. The rope fibers work to floss your pup’s teeth while he plays and chews.

When choosing between the various best toys for bored dogs, take some time to think about what your pooch will like best. Pay attention to the considerations mentioned above and be sure to make safety a priority. Any of the above options will keep your pup entertained and out of trouble without putting his health at risk.

The Risks Of Boredom

Dogs get bored for similar reasons that humans do. If they don’t have anything to play with or anything to do, they may simply start to mope about. A dog is more likely to get bored if you ignore him for long periods of time or simply aren’t at home.

When your dog is bored, he will be more likely to engage in destructive behavior or make lots of noise. This is simply because he has more energy that needs to be burnt off and without dog toys he will try to make his own. That means that your shoes or remotes may become destroyed. More importantly, if your pup isn’t bored, he will be happier overall and that is something most humans want for their pets.

Is Your Dog Bored?

It never hurts to buy your dog more toys even if he isn’t bored. In the case of a bored dog, however, getting some new toys is essential. Luckily, you don’t have to guess whether or not your furry friend is bored. There are some easy signs to see.

If your dog constantly follows you around the house begging you to play, this is an obvious sign that he is bored. He may jump on you or simply carry a toy around the house in his mouth following you and looking sad. Other dogs will bark until you play. The best way to relieve boredom in dogs is to get him some toys and play with him. Just remember not to give him a toy when he is performing negative behavior, such as barking to get your attention. Doing so will simply reinforce the behavior.

Choosing The Best Toys

An easy way to cure your dog’s boredom is to take him for a long walk or run. You can also simply play with him. If you aren’t going to be with him during the day, then buying one of the best toys for bored dogs is another great idea. The toys will distract your pooch and keep him entertained.

Playing Alone Or With You

When looking at the best toys for bored dogs, consider whether your pooch will be playing with you or alone. If you plan on playing with him, consider getting a rope for tug a war or a ball or Frisbee for fetch. If you need something to entertain your pooch while you are gone, consider an interactive toy with movement or a chew toy. Many dogs will even play with Frisbees or balls by themselves, but not all will so you need to consider your canine’s preferences to keep him entertained.


No matter what type of toy you get for your bored pooch, you need to make safety a priority. The easiest way to do this is to make sure that there aren’t any parts that are smaller than you pup’s mouth as they would pose a choking hazard. If there are small pieces, like eyes or strings that can come off and be swallowed, remove them before introducing you pup to his new toy. You should also be careful with rawhide toys since they can break off into small pieces or may contain harsh chemicals on the surface. Avoid this issue by supervising you pooch when he plays with rawhide and selecting a high-quality product.

Types Of Dog Toys

One of the most popular types of dog toys to relieve boredom is the puzzle toy. These toys require you to put a treat inside and then your pooch has to complete a specific series of actions to get the treat out. If your dog is smart, it will only entertain him for a short amount of time, but many dogs can play with the same puzzle toy for hours on end. A similar option is a food-dispensing toys, which typically involve rolling the toy around to get the food out. This type of toy works well for all dogs since you can’t get food out more quickly by figuring out how it works.

Dogs also strongly enjoy toys that make odd noises or movements. An example of odd movements would be a toy that bounces by itself or has dangling parts. Fun sounds for dogs include sound cards, crinkled plastic, and squeakers. Keep in mind that most toys which make sounds are less durable than other options, making them ideal for canine’s who aren’t as hard on their toys.

Chew toys are designed to let your dog do exactly as the name implies: chew. They are typically incredible sturdy and can keep your pooch entertained for hours. Although they were traditionally shaped like bones, today you can find chew toys in all shapes and sizes.

Some dogs also enjoy soft toys, such as a stuffed animal or similar item designed specifically for dogs. They may simply cuddle with it or may throw it around. Just be careful before giving you dog one of these toys as a destructive animal can tear it apart and choke on the small pieces they make.

How to combat your dog’s boredom

Learn how to relieve your dog’s boredom. This video shows how to positively train your bored dog in a right way. It helps to strengthen your communication and bond between you and your dog.

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