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Best Mental Stimulation Dog Toys

I don’t even want to tell you how much I’ve spent on dog toys. It’s so bad, that when I come home with a shopping bag, my dog’s butt starts wiggling and she jumps around waiting for me to pull out her new toy. She expects the bag is for her.

So I’ve been through a lot of toys. And I’ve wasted money. Don’t waste your money on stuff your dog will only play with once. Here’s some lists of toys your dog will freaking love…

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of best mental stimulation dog toys
  2. Detailed review of best mental stimulation dog toys
  3. Dog Agility Equipment. Starter and Advanced Kits
  4. The 5 Most Durable Dog Toys in the World
  5. The 4 Toys Dogs Go Totally Nuts For
  6. Top 4 Homemade Dog Toys
  7. Crazy Dog Toys 
  8. Other “Best of” Lists
  9. Important Notes About Dog Toys
  10. Exercise to increase your dog’s mental stimulation

Comparison Chart Of Best Mental Stimulation Dog Toys:

top mental stimulation dog toyNina Ottosson's Interactive Dog Toy$$4.9
best mental stimulating dog toyNina Ottosson Dog Treat Maze$$4.9
treat dispending dog toyKONG Wobbler Treat Dispensing Dog Toy$$4.8
top mental stimulating dog toyKONG Satellite Toy$$4.8
best dog mental stimulation toyEthical 5785 Seek-A-Treat Discovery Wheel$$4.7
Outward Hound Kyjen 41014 Paw Hide Mini Treat Toy$$4.7
best dog mental stimulation toyOutward Hound Kyjen 41009 Jigsaw Glider Treat Toy Dog Toys Scent Puzzle Training Toy$$4.7
dog stimulating slot toyLucky Dog Slot Toy$$4.7

The Best Stimulating Dog Toys for Mental Stimulation Detailed Review:

Talk to Me Treatball.

Buy on Amazon

OK, this is hilarious. Record your voice and the ball talks to your dog. It can release treats when it’s treat time too! A must have in your house! Bonus: You can wash it in the dishwasher.

Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine

Buy on Amazon

(Bacon Bubbles!) Just when you thought you’ve never seen anything cooler than the Treatball — here comes the bubble machine! Dogs freakin’ love bubbles, especially when they taste like bacon. Just watch the video of the bulldog going nuts for the toy and I dare you not to buy it for your best friend!

Treat Maze.

Buy on Amazon

Put in the treats and your dog has to work them out. Dogs love it! A great tool for dogs with separation anxiety. Just load it up and give it to your pup right before you leave the house. She’ll be so preoccupied with the treat maze, she won’t notice you’re walking out the door.

Dog Agility Equipment. Starter and Advanced Kits.

Have fun, bond and get active with your dog with dog tunnels, weavable poles, jumps, see-saws and more. Build your dog’s confidence and have a ball together.

Another Dog. Dogs aren’t toys, but they are best friends! Adopt another adorable dog from a local dog rescue group. Thousands are sitting in kill shelters all around the country hoping for a miracle before their time runs out. Another dog in the house is a great way to keep your pup active! 😉 Priceless.

The 5 Most Durable Dog Toys in the World

Tizzi Dog Toy by West Paw Design.


Buy on Amazon

This thing will outlast us all. My dog loves to chew on it and toss it around. Open it up to stuff treats in it and it’s the perfect toy to toss at your pup while you’re walking out the door. (Tip: When I was potty-training my dog, I used this toy as her reward outside after she went to the bathroom.)

The Original Goughnuts.

Buy on Amazon

At first glance, this toy looks a little boring – just one big old circle, but dogs love these things. The rubber they use is like a dog magnet. And, if you dog is the strongest super chewer in the world and happens to expose the red “innerds” of the toy, they will replace it for free. (They made the inside red so pet mammas and papas know when the integrity of the toy has been compromised.)

Jolly Pets’ Tug-n-Toss.

Buy on Amazon

If your dog loves to play catch or retrieve toys, he’ll love this. It’s huge and the handle is the perfect size to fit in the dog’s mouth. It floats and you don’t need to pump it up with air. I’ve never seen a dog come near destroying this beast of a toy. From $8, more for larger balls.

Bionic Toss-N-Tug.

Buy on Amazon

Dogs love it because they can pick it up a bunch of different ways. It gets decent air too. They have a mini one for the smallies. It floats and it’s bright so it’s hard to lose.

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Glow for Good Ball.

Buy on Amazon

This 3 inch ball can outlast anything. And anything that glows in the dark is a winner in my book. The best thing about this product? All proceeds go to support dog programs. AND their products are eco-friendly.

If you are looking for a chew toy then read my detailed guide on buying the best chew toy and what to consider as far as safety and health of the pup goes.

The 4 Toys Dogs Go Totally Nuts For

Huggle Hounds Knotted Raccoon.

Buy on Amazon

Not the most durable toy – my dog got the stuffing out in about 10 minutes (the head tears off pretty easily), but lots of squeakers and Tulip loves to play with the knotty carcass, so it’s still a popular toy, sans the stuffing.

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Sport Football.

Buy on Amazon

Feels just like a real football and dogs go nuts for the texture. Throws well. You will get a work out here because your dog will never want to stop retrieving it. And did I mention how eco-friendly this company is — and they help a lot of dog rescues. Awesomeness all around.

The Classic Kong.

Buy on Amazon

If a dog doesn’t like a Kong stuffed with organic peanut butter, he is crazy.


Buy on Amazon

Squeeky! Grunty! If you don’t mind the noise, get these animals for your pup. He’ll freak the heck out in the best possible way.

Top 4 Homemade Dog Toys

1. Crunchy Sock Fun Toy. This is a super simple toy to make. Stick an empty water bottle in an big old sock, tie at the end, and let them go crazy.

2. Old Towl Rope. Rip apart old towels (or sweatshirts) and knot them together tightly. Toss to your dog and let the retrieving begin.

3. Milk Jug Treat Dispenser. Toss the cap and throw some small treats inside. Your dog will (loudy) work to get them out.

4. Bucket-o-Frozen Treats. Get a large pot or bucket, line it with Saran Wrap (so it easily comes out of the bucket when it’s frozen), fill it with water and drop in your dog’s favorite treats and toys (lots of them). Free over night and pop it out in the morning. Your dog will spend hours licking away at the ice to get to the treats/toys. Really great for summer days.

I Can’t Believe These Crazy Dog Toys Exist

1. Bowlingual Voice.

OK, this toy is really for the humans. Strap this around your dog’s neck and his barks will be translated into Japanese.

2. Puppy Tweets.

Another one for the humans. The motion sensor collar “reads” your dog’s barks, eating and moving while you’re away, then sends tweets on his behalf.

3. Fetchtastic Automatic Tennis Ball Fetch Machine.

Tired of playing with your pup? Just load it up with tennis balls and sit back while your dog goes nuts.

Other “Best of” Lists

Coolest Gifts for Dogs (and dog lovers)

The Best Food for Your Dog – From raw to kibble, I’ve tried it all.

The Best Dog Treats on the Planet! – Don’t waste money on toys that flop!

Important Notes About Dog Toys

These lists are based on my personal experiences with my dog, my friends’ dogs and the dogs I foster. Every dog is different. Experiment a little to find the perfect toy or stuffed animal for your pup.

Be sure to always monitor your dog when he is playing with a toy. Most dog toys are built to be safe, but dogs can eat anything and that can quickly turn serious (and costly!).

Exercise to increase your dog’s mental stimulation

Learn 5 exercise to increase your dog’s self-control, listening skills and mental stimulation.

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  1. You might not have seen a dog that has come close to destroying a Jolly Pets Tug-n-Toss but my 6 month old Labrador just chewed a dangerously large chunk out of the handle after the first toss.

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