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Selecting the Best Dog Grooming Tubs

Selecting the right dog grooming tub for your needs starts with deciding what kind of use the tub will see. Are you looking to groom professionally from your home or a place of business? Do you need something at home for your large dog that you don’t want to take to the groomer or for your small dog so you don’t have to bend over? Once you have a fundamental idea of what you need your dog grooming tub for, you will be better able to shop for the right one.

Comparison Chart of Best Dog Grooming Tubs

Flying Pig GroomingRust resistant 16-gauge Stainless steel$$$$4.4
Master EquipmentPolypropylene$$$4.1
Master Equipment PolyProPolypropylene$$4.0
Master Equipment Everyday16-gauge & 19-gauge zinc-plated powder-coated steel with a rust-resistant stainless steel bottom pane$$3.6

Independent Reviews of Best Professional and Personal Dog Grooming Tubs

Professional Dog Grooming Tubs

1. Flying Pig Grooming Professional Stainless Steel Pet Dog Tub with Ramp

professional dog grooming tub

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Offered in a couple of different sizes, the Flying Pig Professional Stainless Steel tubs cover grooming shop needs. It’s versatile-you can select between the 50” and the 62” with a drain on either the left or right side and hence its one of the best dog grooming tubs. The tub is comprised of 16 gauge, 304 stainless steel that is rust resistant to withstand the harsh environment of a grooming shop. The tub is easy to maintain, provides excellent seals and is extremely durable. The drain kit comes with a hair trap and a flexible hose for easy soaking.

An overhead, stainless steel removable arm provides versatility. Removable side and backsplashes are provided with waterproof seals. This provides much needed additional protection to the surrounding walls and area. This tub comes with a drain kit, stainless steel shampoo rack, hose and sprayer, as well as tub faucet and hoses. The included removable floor grate helps keep dogs out of soiled water and adjusts to accommodate dog size. Door opens easily and offer a watertight seal. Whether you are washing a giant Newfoundland or the tiniest of Yorkies, this tub can accommodate.

2. Master Equipment PolyPro Lift Grooming Tub

best grooming tub for dogs

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A tub that truly can handle the heaviest of dogs, the Master Equipment PolyPro Lift tub is an excellent addition to any shop. This tub is made especially for lifting heavy pets so you don’t have to. Many dogs are intimidated by ramps and stairs that come with other tubs but will step into this tub easily. The lift is operated with foot pedals and able to lift as much as 220 pounds as from just under 32” to 49 and a half inches high. Though lighter than traditional stainless steel tubs, it is just as durable. The door in this best dog grooming tubs is removable, lifting straight up for easy in and out access. The tub comes with: overhead groom arm, 3 grooming loops, shampoo bottle holder, 6 ½ foot drainage hose and rains.

3. Master Equipment PolyPro Grooming Tub

dog grooming tub

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This dog grooming tub is made of high density, sturdy polypropylene. This makes it light, rustproof and tarnish proof. It is constructed seamlessly to provide more durability, and eliminate leaking. The door lifts out for an easy entrance and exit. You can use the adjustable legs to compensate for floor trouble and unevenness. This tub comes with two grooming loops, overhead grooming arm, a shampoo bottle holder and a raised rack for small dogs for added versatility.

4. Master Equipment Everyday Pro Tub

pet and dog bathing tub

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One of the more economical choices available, this best dog grooming tub offers durability, color and functionality. The bottom pane is made from rust resistant stainless steel and the rest is made with 16-gauge and 19-guage powder-coated, zinc-plated steel. The tub also features high-quality silicon and more rivets to provide longer use. A free tub rack and shampoo rack come with it. The tub is offered in purple or silver to go with a wider variety of shop décor. Plumbing fixtures and faucets are not included. This tub will have three, 1” plumbing holes to fit either 4” or 8” hookups, a drain hole predrilled to 3 ¼”, and u-shaped restraint bolts for grooming lope (4).

Personal Grooming Tubs

Comparison Chart of Best Personal Dog Grooming Tubs

Mustee 28CFImpact-resistant polypropylene$$$4.8
Home Pet SpaDurable composite material$$$$4.7
Pet Gear Plastic$$4.6
Flying Pig GroomingPlastic$$4.5
Booster BathPlastic$$4.2

Depending on what kind of dogs you own, you will need to choose from a smaller or larger tub. For small breeds, a small tub that sits on the counter may be suitable. For larger breeds, you may be looking for a tub that supports your dog’s weight and doesn’t break your back. If you are bathing large dogs often or showing, you may be more in the market for a commercial tub. Before shopping for the item itself, get a good idea of where you will place the tub. Check out the plumbing and any doors that could impede ramps or stairs. Stainless steel isn’t as important as with a commercial tub, because there won’t be as many dogs getting bathed in this one, but it should still come from durable material. Here are some options to consider when shopping dog grooming tubs for your home use.

5. PortablePET Booster Bath Dog Wash

dog wash tub

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This portable dog wash allows you to feel like a professional anywhere you decide to bathe Fido and hence its one of the best dog grooming tubs. It’s a two-piece tub that quickly snaps together, allowing you to bath your dog off the ground and save your back. You can move all around the tub to easily reach your dog and the drain hose allows for water to be directed to a drain as you bathe your dog. If you have a dog on the larger size, get the extra-large for increased sturdiness. With this size, the legs screw in allowing for a less wobbly position when you are bathing your dog. The back is left open so you can easily get your pet in or out and grooming loops can provide extra security.

4. Flying Pig Pet Dog Cat Washing Shower Grooming Portable Bath Tub

portable dog grooming tub

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If you want to bathe your small or medium pet in a freestanding tub you don’t have to bend over, then this is the best dog grooming tubs. It can hold up to 150 pounds and is sturdy as well as durable. You can get to any side of the tub and it comes with a leveler in case you’re working on uneven floors. This portable, lightweight tub measures 37.25” L x 19.25”W x 35.25”H. Easy to use and UV protected, this tub makes getting your dog clean anywhere, easier. It is the ideal tub for those who like to go to the lake or cabin with their furry friend, but also like to come home with them clean.

3. Pet Gear Pup-Tub, for pets up to 20-pounds

tubs for dog grooming

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When you need a simple option for bathing your small dog, this best dog grooming tub from Pet Gear gets the job done. The bottom is rubberized so your pet won’t slip and there are two tethers for added security during the bathing process. The plastic is see-thru, to help your pets stress less. The tub comes with storage trays for shampoo and grippers to keep it from slipping on surfaces. It provides a quick drain and measures 30x18x9-inches. This is the ideal option for those who want to bath their pet on a counter but don’t want to have to use a sink.

2. Pet Wash Enclosure

good dog grooming tubs

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If you are looking to give your furry friend a true spa experience, this is the right tub for you. Made from durable material and easy to hook up to any faucet, the Pet Wash Enclosure provides a unique bathing experience. This tub has six different mist jets with on/off options as well as a shower head to allow your pet to get thoroughly soaked. It is ideal for small dogs with thick coats or those with long, detailed grooming. It measures 35” x 24.7” X 29.25”.

1. Mustee 28CF Big Tub Utilatub Combo Utility Tub, 24”x 40,” white

best dog grooming tubs

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This tub is made from one-piece thermoplastic resin to provide rust-free, leak-proof protection. The tub is supported on heavy-gauge steel legs for added strength and comes with leak-proof drain and stopper. The tub comes with a 24-in long spout that pulls out from the swivel faucet with lever handles. It is often a popular tub because it isn’t made specifically for pets but suits the purpose ideally.

Benefits of Grooming Your Pet

Grooming your dog can help keep skin problems at bay, eliminate matting and promote overall health. Some breeds absolutely need a haircut while others simply need a good bath here and there. Using a high quality shampoo and not over bathing your dog can help to promote a healthy rich coat. It will help with the discovery of parasites such as fleas and ticks and contribute to your pet’s overall well-being. Grooming can reduce shedding, ease comfort and promote relaxation. Taking your dog to the groomer or keeping it at home can also offer different advantages.

  • Professional Grooming

Taking your dog to the groomer can provide a host of benefits. Professionals can give your pet the right haircut, safely trim their nails and hair, and offer professional advice in the event of skin trouble or coat issues. Your pet will have the benefit of the groomer’s training, experience and professional equipment. It can also promote socialization in the right environment. Professional groomers can identify some problems before they get too large and help you know when to seek vet advice. Some disadvantages of this option include stressing your pet too much or stressing your pocket book.

  • Personal Grooming

Grooming your pet at home can also offer benefits to their health and well-being. You can save money by doing the work yourself, keep your dog cleaner with bathing as needed and save your car’s interior in the case your pet is filthy. You can save old pets or timid animals from unnecessary stress and give specific attention where needed. The disadvantages are an untrained eye looking your pet over and lack of professional equipment. Luckily, these things can be worked through, starting with a correct tub.

  • Qualities of your Dog Grooming Tub

As far as for personal or professional use, your tub should still be made of high quality materials. If it will be used in a professional shop, it will see more use. This means the material needs to be of the highest quality and that the tub needs to fit both small and large dogs. If grooming your personal dogs, you can select specific sizes and opt for more economical materials because the tub simply won’t see the same amount of traffic. Tubs need to help the bather eliminate stress on their back and keep the dog safe. They need to be leak free, sturdy and made from durable materials such as stainless steel or plastic, that won’t break down from prolonged use.

  • Commercial Tubs

If you are opening a business or replacing a tub at an existing shop, you want the highest quality you can afford. A grooming shop can use thousands of gallons of water a week, and that can wear down even the nicest tubs. Opting for stainless steel and heavy duty is one of the best ways to insure you will have the tub for a long time. You will also need to take into consideration where grooming loops can be placed to secure the pet as they are being bathed. For larger animals, getting into a raised tub will be a problem. For this reason, some groomers opt for tubs with ramps or steps, instead of lifting the dog which can cause problem for the dog and handler. Other groomers may choose tubs with a lift in them so the dog can step in from the ground the tub will do the work of lifting. Commercial tubs will also need to provide some storage area or shelving space for shampoos. The above tubs give you an idea of what your shop will need.


Remember if you’re putting your tub in a shop, get the highest quality you can afford now so you don’t have to pay for it down the road by way of repairs, water damage or back trouble. The high quality will not only look better in your shop, it will be better for pets and your groomers. If you’re shopping for one to groom your own dog in, carefully consider the home space and placement before purchasing. Once you know where you will use it most, it is easier to get the right tub.

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