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Top 10 Best Dog Grooming Scissors 2021

There are many different types of dog grooming scissors to choose from. Some are designed to trim a certain area of fur like on the ears or tail while others are designed to be used in most areas. When looking at the options, you should think about how you plan on using the scissors as well as what size they should be and whether you want stainless steel blades or another material. To help you start your search, take a look at these 10 best dog grooming scissors.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of best dog grooming scissors
  2. Detailed review of best dog grooming scissors
  3. How to use grooming scissors

Comparison Chart Of Best Dog Grooming Scissors

Micio Micia8 inch $5.0
Pet Magasin6 and 6.5 inch$4.9
Sharf 7.5 inch$$4.9
TINY TRIM4.5 inch $4.8
Conair PRO7 inch $4.7
Oster Animal Care6.5 inch$4.6
Thinning Shears6 inch$4.5
Laazar Pro6.5 inch$4.4
KLOUD City®6 inch$4.3
Pet Magasin7 inch $4.3

Detailed Review Of Best Dog Grooming Scissors

#7 – KLOUD City 6 Inch Stainless Steel Pet Grooming Hair Cutting Teeth Thinning Scissor/Shear

dog grooming scissors Buy on Amazon

These scissors will not only trim your dog’s fur, but they will also help thin it out, making them a great option for breeds who shed a lot. The stainless steel is extra sharp and the scissors measure 6 inches long. The shears even include a polishing cleaning cloth to help you maintain the scissors.

#6 – Laazar Pro Shear Thinning Pet Grooming Shear – 6.5 22 Teeth Scissors For Dogs Cats And Pets

best dog grooming scissors Buy on Amazon

These are one of the 10 best dog grooming scissors for their professional quality. These particular scissors are designed to help you thin out your pooch’s coat and they have 22 teeth along the blade. The rings have removable jellied comfort rings so your hands will not get tired while grooming. The stainless steel is the high-quality 420c variety from Japan.

#5 – Pet Grooming Scissors For Dog, Cat, Horse, Animal Thinning Shears

top dog grooming scissors Buy on Amazon

These scissors work well on all types of hair, including curly, wiry, thin, and thick fur, making them ideal for all breeds. They are made from stainless steel for high-quality and great sharpness that can remove tangles and mats. The scissors will effectively thin out your pet’s coat but are gentle enough where he will enjoy it. There is a safety tip at the end so no one is accidentally injured and the shears come with a satisfaction guarantee.

#4 – Clean & Healthy Grooming Shears

grooming scissors for dogs Buy on Amazon

As opposed to thinning shears, these are one of the 10 best dog grooming scissors designed to actually trim the fur. They work well on all coat types, letting you shape and trim. The rounded tips and no-slip handle make them safer to use. The blades are stainless steel for durability and the ability to retain sharpness.

#3 – Conair PRO Dog Round-Tip Shears, Dog Home Grooming, 7-Inch

conair dog scissors Buy on Amazon

The blades are coated so the surface is smooth and non-stick. Like many of the other 10 best dog grooming scissors, these have blunted tips as a safety precaution. The round tip combined with the 5-inch blades make them perfect for trimming areas that are hard-to-reach or sensitive such as your pooch’s face.

#2 – TINY TRIM Ball Tipped Small Pet Grooming Scissor 4.5 Inch 4.5” EAR NOSE FACE PAW

pet grooming scissors Buy on Amazon

Yet another item that keeps safety in mind, these scissors have ball tipped blades so you don’t accidentally cut yourself or your dog. The blade is micro-serrated to help grip the fur while cutting and the padded handle is comfortable to use and allows for silent trimming. This is one of the few scissors that has a tension adjustments screw as well.

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#1 –Sharf Gold Touch 440c Japanese Stainless Steel Pet Grooming Shear, 7.5 Inch Curved

japanese dog grooming scissors Buy on Amazon

The rubber comfort rings can be removed from these 10 best dog grooming scissors, but when in place, they make them comfortable to use. There is also a case included with the shear for storage. They are sturdy enough for professional use while their affordable price makes them perfect for grooming your pooch at home.

The main decision to make when considering these 10 best dog grooming scissors is whether you want to trim your pooch’s fur or work to thin it out. Once you have decided that, you will need to think about what type of handle you want and your budget. Then, you will be ready to make a decision and buy your grooming scissors.

How to use grooming scissors

Using scissors when grooming your dog is simple once you master a few techniques. Trim your dog expertly with the help of this video on how to use scissors while grooming a shaggy-haired dog.

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