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Best Dog Food for Bulldogs

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend and bulldogs are among the most popular pets today. Choosing the right food for your bulldog is essential in ensuring that it has enough nutrients for healthy growth and an active lifestyle. With the variety of dog food brands available in today’s market, having a reference guide of the best foods to consider will help you settle on a specific brand sooner rather than later and eliminate any guesswork from the process. Most bulldog owners want to take the best care of it; below we will look at some of the best and good foods for bulldogs to keep him/her healthy and strong.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of dog food for bulldogs
  2. Detailed review of dog food for bulldogs
  3. How to care for a bulldog

Comparison Chart Of Dog Food for Bulldogs

Taste of the Wild$$4.9
Blue Buffalo$$$4.8
Newman's Own$4.7
Fromm $$$4.6
California Natural $$$4.4

Detailed Review Of Dog Food for Bulldogs

Taste of the Wild – Good bulldog Food

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This high quality bulldog food is rich in protein content from real smoked salmon. This is different from other alternatives made from animal by products. The food also contains an assortment of vegetables and fruits as well. It not packs a great punch if proteins as well as anti-oxidants for your dog’s best health and is therefore on my list of good foods for dogs.

Blue Buffalo
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This is among the variety of dog food that does not use artificial preservatives and poultry by products and hence we have included it in our list of best dog food for bulldogs. The protein content in the food is obtained from deboned chicken as well as chicken meal. It also includes rice formula in the healthy list of ingredients. That is why it is on my list of good foods for dogs.

Newman’s Own Organics
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Rated as 95% organic, this dog food brand is among the most popular today. The main sources of protein used in the dog food include chicken and chicken meal and chicken liver as well. In the place of artificial and sometimes toxic preservatives it makes use of nutritional Vitamin E and C.

Fromm Adult Gold
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This dog food brand is rich in protein obtained from a variety of sources including chicken, duck, chicken meal and brown rice as well. The nutritionally rich ingredients also include whole eggs as well. Preservatives used in the food include citric acid and tocopherals.

Orijen – Best Dog food for Bulldogs
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This dog food is delivered fresh not frozen as it is preserved using air tight seals and Vitamin E and I therefore would recommend it as one of the best dog food for bulldogs. The protein component is derived from a wide array of sources including boneless salmon, chicken, chicken meal, herring meal and turkey meal.

There is a lot of debate on the sources of the ingredients found in dog food today. The above list covers dog foods that are composed of organic ingredients and high quality meats and not animal by products.

California Natural
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This dog food uses a simple mixture of lamb meat and rice and hence is the best dog food for bulldogs. The food is rich in proteins from the lamb meat as well as a combination of white and brown rice. Dog owners whose pets suffer from food related allergies can turn to this dog food given the small list of ingredients used.

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This dog food comes with a generous list of ingredients, all of which are chosen for their nutritional value. Protein, the main component of dog food is obtained from chicken, turkey and turkey meal as the main ingredients. Other ingredients include dried chicken liver, brown rice and whitefish as well.

How to care for a bulldog

Here’s a short tutorial on how to take care of bulldog. This video tells about bulldogs skincare, playtime and feeding.

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