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Top 10 Best Pet Couch Covers That Stays in Place

Are you looking for couch covers for dogs? There are many different brands available, that differ in size and features. While you may think that all couch covers for dogs are created equally, they are not. While you love your dog, you’re not so happy about the messes they leave behind on your couch.

After a while, your dogs can wreak havoc on your furniture, and it can wear out way before its time. With a quality couch covers for dogs, you will be able to keep your couch looking fresh and new. There will be no worry about your dog lying on the couch, and you can take the cover off at any time to wash it. The best couch covers for dogs are machine washable. This is ideal when wanting to keep your sitting area looking nice for guest.

Amazon has a great selection of couch covers for dogs. You want to ensure that you choose a cover based on your needs. Nothing is worse than choosing a cover and then realizing it does not fit in with your décor. A reversible cover can give you more options, and allow you to have flexibility with your décor.

You also want to be cautious of the way it fits. One of the most important factors of a couch covers for dogs, is ensuring it stays in place when your dog is sitting on the couch. In this review, you will learn what features to look for when shopping for the best couch covers for dogs.

Table of Content:

  1. Comparison Chart Of Couch Covers For Dogs.
  2. Review Of The Top 7 Couch Covers For Dogs.
  3. Factors to consider before shopping For The Best Couch Covers For Dogs.
  4. Best way to remove pet hair

Comparison Chart Of Best Couch Covers For Dogs.

PictureNameMaterialSizes availablePriceRating
Sofa Protect MicrofiberLove Seat, sofa and chair$$4.6
Bella KlineMicrofiberSofa$4.6
Leader AccessoriesSuede/ Microfiber/PongeeCargo liner, sofa, Bench, Hammock Bench, love, Front seat covers$$$4.5
Sure Fit DeluxePolyesterSofa$$$4.
Deluxe Reversible 100% Soft Quilted MicrofiberSofa$$$4.4
Elegant ComfortCOTTONSofa, love seat and chair$4.4
Sofa ShieldMicrofiberSofa, Sofa Extra-Wide, Love Seat, and Chair$4.3
K&H ManufacturingSoft microsuedeLove Seat, couch and chair$$$4.3
Chunyi 85%Polyester 15%Spandex Jacquard Fabric Love Seat, sofa and chair$$$4.0
Sure Fit Quilted Not listedLove Seat, sofa and chair$$$$4.0

Detailed & Independent Review Of Best Dog Couch Covers.

#7 Sofa Shield Reversible Furniture Protector for Sofa 

dog couch covers review

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If you are looking for the ultimate protection for your couch, then the Sofa Shield Reversible Furniture Protector is one to consider. The great thing about this cover is, it is reversible. This allows you to change your décor without having to buy a new cover for your couch.

Having a couch cover is an investment that will protect your furniture, and allow it to last for longer periods of time. It will protect against spills, as well as messes that your dog or kids make. There are four different sizes available, which includes (Sofa) 62″-68″, (Sofa Extra-Wide) 70″-76″, (Love Seat) 42″-48″, (Chair) 18″-22″. The material is microfiber, and the cover is machine washable. Also, this cover has elastic straps to keep the cover in place and prevent sliding.


  • 4 Sizes: Seat Width (Sofa) 62″-68″, (Sofa Extra-Wide) 70″-76″, (Love Seat) 42″-48″, (Chair) 18″-22″.
  • Elastic Straps To Keep Cover In Place
  • Reversible
  • Microfiber
  • Machine Washable

 #6 Elegant Comfort QUILTED FURNITURE PROTECTOR for Pet Dog Children Kids 

good couch covers for dogs

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This sophisticated cover is beautifully quilted to give your home a comfortable and cozy look. It will help decrease the damage that your couch sees, and it is very comfortable to sit on. The color is pleasing, and easily blends with any décor.

If you are looking for an elegant couch cover that provides a casual feel, then the Quilted Furniture Protector is the one for you. It will fit most couches up to 92 inches long. This cover is made of polyester, which is highly durable. The Quilted Furniture Protector is made for longevity, and to withstand all the wear and tear it will see. It is machine washable, and has a water repellent finish.


  • Machine Washable
  • Water Repellent Finish
  • Easy To Take On And Off The Couch
  • Fits Most Couches Up To 92 Inches Long.

#5 Deluxe Reversible Sofa Furniture Protector

heavy duty couch covers for dogs

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When shopping for couch covers for dogs, the Deluxe Reversible Sofa Furniture Protector is a fantastic choice. It comes in multiple color choices, and does an excellent job protecting your furniture from damage. The cover is designed to be a bit longer in the back, which helps it stay in place.

Highly stylish, this cover is 100% hypoallergenic, and constructed of all natural materials. This will help deter allergies in your home. The cover is made of microfiber material, and quilted to give your home a casual and comfortable look.


  • Reversible And Quilted
  • Longer Over The Back To Help Keep The Cover In Place
  • 100% Hypoallergenic
  • Machine Washable
  • Microfiber Material

#4 Sure Fit Deluxe Sofa Pet Throw

best rated dog couch covers

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Sure fit is a top contender in the couch covers for dogs industry. This cover will efficiently protect your couch from dog messes. It contains an odor resistant finish, which is ideal when owning a dog. The face of the cover is velvet, which is comfortable and warm to sit on.

It has 4 inch quilted blocks, which helps add to the appeal of this cover. Filled with 4.0 ounces lofty poly fiberfill, and has a microfiber backing. This will prevent the cover from slipping. It is machine washable, which is great when your pet comes in with muddy paws.


  • Machine Washable
  • Fits seat width less than 89-inch
  • 100-percent polyester quilted
  • Microfiber back to help prevent the cover from slipping

#3 Leader Accessories Waterproof Dog Seat Cover Pet Sofa Protector Cat Seat Cover for Couch 

good dog couch covers

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The Waterproof Seat Cover by Leader Accessories is designed to efficiently care for your couch. This cover is waterproof, which will truly protect your sofa from being damaged when spills occur. The cover is ultra soft, to add comfort to those who are sitting on your sofa.

To help keep the cover in place, there are tabs that can be tucked into the sides and seat of your furniture. This will deter movement of the cover while it is being sat on. It is made of suede, microfiber and Pongee. The cover is machine washable and soil resistant. Stains will never be an issue for this couch covers for dogs.


  • Material: Suede/ Microfiber/Pongee
  • Machine Washable
  • Water Resistant And Soil Resistant Fabric
  • Anti Slip Designs
  • Soft And Comfortable Design

#2 Bella Kline Reversible Sofa Furniture Protector, With 2 Storage Pockets

dog couch covers

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Bella Kline designed their cover to fit in with all of your décor. It is reversible, which will help keep your couch looking fashionable. This cover efficiently cares for spills and messes caused by dogs and children. This cover features 2 storage pockets, which are ideal for TV remotes or magazines.

With the cover being one piece, it will fit your couch with ease. It drapes over the arms, which ensures this part of the couch is protected as well. The flaps tuck into the seating area, allowing the cover to stay still while being sat on. It is affordable, and helps keep your furniture free of dirt and stains. Constructed with 100% polyester microfiber material that is quilted. Feels great and is very comfortable to sit on. The cover is waterproof, which means your furniture will not receive damage from wet paws or spills.


  • 100% Hypoallergenic
  • 100% Polyester Quilted Microfiber
  • Water Repellent Finish
  • Machine Washable
  • Reversible

 #1 Furniture Protectors Reversible The Original Sofa Protect 

couch covers for dogs

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Dog owners can protect their sofa with their cover. When wanting to deter damage from your couch, the Original Sofa Protector is one to consider. With high density stitching techniques, this cover is very durable and ready to stand up against wear and tear.

You will never have to worry about spills, stains, and messes damaging your couch. Straps help the cover stay in place. It is machine washable, which means you can easily clean the cover as often as you want. Change your decor at any time, as the cover is reversible.


  • Reversible
  • Machine Washable
  • Super High Density Sitiching
  • Stay Put Straps
  • High Quality Material

You can also purchase a good dog blanket for couch with this cover.

Factors to consider before shopping for the best dog couch protectors.

If you want to update your décor or protect your furniture from spills and messes, then you should consider buying a couch cover. There are many different sizes, colors and types available. Furniture covers are available for all of your furniture, including chairs, futons, sofas, sectionals and recliners. They are a budget friendly solution to changing your décor. If you are looking for a dedicated sofa for your dog then see my list of best sofa bed for dogs here.

Buying furniture is an investment that you need to protect. It is something that you do not want to buy often. Furniture should last you for many years, and couch covers will help it remain looking pristine. However, your couch cover will only protect efficiently if it is made of quality. You want it to be constructed for longevity, be comfortable, and fit correctly. Plus, this cover has the power to make over your whole room.

Here are some things you need to know about buying a couch cover.


Measuring your couch is something you need to do with care. You want to ensure that it fits correctly, or the cover will slip around every time someone sits on your couch. You want to use a measuring tape to measure the longest part of your couch. When measuring, ensure that you include the arms. Once you have the width, you need to measure the distance from the bottom of the couch to the floor. This measurement will be important as you are buying a cover that has a ruffle.


Fitted slipcovers will provide you with a seamless look, which will make it very hard for others to notice the furniture is covered. Other covers include covers that drape or tie. As a dog owner, it is valuable to have a cover that you can take on and off to wash it. Covers that are machine washable, will keep your furniture looking clean and fresh all the time. Slip covers are tailored to fit your couch exactly.


You need to look at all the colors that are available. Covers that are reversible give you more choices. No matter what décor you choose to go with, your couch covers for dogs will fit in nicely. Most covers will be neutral shades, which allow you to change your décor without worrying about purchasing a new couch cover.


Choose a fabric that suits your lifestyle. As a dog owner, you will want a cover that is washable and stain-resistant. The material should be durable, and be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. You can find slip covers made of microfiber, canvas, cotton, denim, polyester and wool.


Your dog likes to chew and scratch around on everything. Ensure that your cover is made with double stitching, which will make it more durable. Stitching will ensure that the cover will stand up to all the damage your dog may introduce to it.

Slip Resistant

You want the cover to stay in place while it is being sat on. Some covers will have straps, and others will have tabs that can be tucked into the couch. Just ensure there is a way to keep the cover in place. Otherwise, you will not be able to keep the cover where it needs to be in order to protect your furniture.

Best way to remove pet hair

Here’ the video on how remove off pet hair from you home furniture, carpet or from your dogs bed, sofa, blanket and couch covers.

You may also want to purchase a good dog blanket for couch with this couch cover.

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