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Finding The Best Automatic Dog Feeder

There are plenty of great reasons to start using an automatic dog feeder instead of just portioning your pooch’s food out by hand. Some people switch to this method purely out of convenience as you only have to fill up the feeder every once in a while as opposed to filling your pup’s bowl at every meal. Others have busy schedules that don’t let them feed their dog at the time they want. If this is the case, a best automatic dog feeder can ensure that your canine gets fed at the hours you want, whether or not you are at home. Dog feeders can be a large investment depending on the model you get so you want to do your research and make sure you find the right one for your needs. The following considerations can help you choose the best feeder for you and your pooch.

Comparison chart of best automatic dog feeder

PictureNameTank sizePowerPriceRating
PetSafe 24 cups(4) D Batteries$$$4.4
ANMER A252.9 lbs(4) D Alkaline Batteries$$4.1
WOpet2 cups(4) C Batteries$$4.0
Pet Feeder WOpetNot listed(2) AA Batteries$4.0
PYRUS7 lbs(3) D Batteries$$3.9
Crown Majestic4.4 lbs(4) AA Batteries$$3.9
Arf Pets 1.4 Gallon(3) D Batteries or DC Power Cable to Outlet$$3.8
PetSafe Automatic Pet Feeder1.5 cups(1) AA Battery$3.8

 Detailed review of best automatic and programmable dog feeder

#1-PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder

top automatic dog feeder

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This automatic feeder not only looks good; it is highly functional with up to twelve meals able to be programmed for feeding. You can select portions as small as an 1/8 of a cup up to four cups. The conveyer system dispenses food using its patented anti-jam design. You can use this feeder even if you feed a semi-moist dog food, and it can be used with different shapes and sizes of food. If your pet is prone to eating their food too fast, select the slow feed mode, which dishes out meals over 1/8 of a cup over a fifteen-minute time span. This helps to prevent vomiting and digestive trouble. Other options include the Immediate Feed Mode which dispenses the next feeding instantly or the Pause Feed Mode, which will halt feeding temporarily without changing your programmed schedule. The stainless steel bowl can be removed for easy cleaning and the dispenser is made of a pet-proof design to prevent prying paws from getting into the feeder.

#2-ANMER A25 Automatic Pet Feeder with Voice Reminding and Timer Programmable, 6-Meal for Dogs

best voice recognition automatic dog feeder

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Using an automatic feeder doesn’t get much easier than with this feeder from ANMER. The stylish design doesn’t take up much space, and fits into any corner nicely. The feeder allows for flexible portions as small as 1/32 of a cup up to 7 cups per meal. The high technology offers infrared detection that is built in to keep food from locking, and keeping your pets fed stuck. This system can be used with different shapes and sizes of food as well as semi-moist foods. It’s important to restrict food to pieces .39” and smaller, so they don’t get stuck. Next to the high flexibility in feeding amounts, this is one of the best automatic dog feeders because it can operate off 4 D batteries (not included) for more than six months.

#3- WOpet Automatic Dog Feeder 4 Meals Programmable Timer Portion Control Pet Feeder Pet Electronic Station Container with LCD Display

best programmable dog feeder

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This automatic feeder is excellent for those who like to feed wet and or dry dog food because of its unique design. The dish provides four different feeding trays for you to place food in and is programmable up to four different feeding times.You can keep your pet on a feeding schedule. The feeder also allows you to record a personal message for your pet. This feeder can provide up to four days of single feedings. Program the times you want your pet fed, measure out the feedings and set it up. At meals, the cover opens and your prerecorded message will play for your pet. It remains open until next feeding. Then it cycles and the next tray comes through. The design is perfect for pets who like a fresh dish, or enjoy soft food.

#4- Pet Feeder WOpet Dog Cat feeder Bowl Automatic Pet Feeder with Ice Pack

best pet feeder

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If you like to feed your pet fresh foods, this feeder is an excellent choice. With the ice pack, you can easily store foods that need to be kept cool until they are fed. You can set the timer for up to two meals to be served over 48 hours. This WoOpet feeder has also been tested for safety. The feeder is easy to program and for best results it should be placed in a cool place out of direct sunlight. If used outside, the feeder should be protected from the weather. This feeder is often recommended because it is not only user friendly, but budget friendly as well.

#5- Automatic Feeder, PYRUS Large Automatic Cat Feeder Electric Pet Dry Food Container with LCD Display for Dogs Cats

large automatic dog feeder

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This safe feed hopper can be used in outdoor locations out of the elements and inside. It is highly recommended because it is durable and easy to use. The feeder holds up to 7 pounds of dry feed and has an improved pet-proof lid to keep your pets out. The LCD monitor at the back makes it easy to see even at night, how much feed is left. The feeder also has the option for you to record a ten second voice message, letting your pet know it’s time to eat. This feeder is not only easy to use, it has a warranty, so if there is a problem simply contact the company with your concerns.

#6-Crown Majestic Diamond Series V3 Cat or Dog Automatic Pet Feeder

best timed dog feeder

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The Crown Majestic Diamond is truly one of the best automatic dog feeders for a couple of reasons. You can have your pet’s food and water conveniently located in one spot and both on an automatic service. The feed hopper holds 4.4 pounds and is powered off 4AA batteries. This feeder also comes with a power adapter, which can be used in conjunction with batteries as a backup.  The feeder has both a water bowl and stainless steel feeder tray for ease of cleaning. There is an LCD display that is backlit to provide meal details. You can program for ¼, ½, ¾, 1 and 2 cup feeding potions. The feeder is suggested for use with small to medium, disc shaped kibble for best results. Moreover, it is a stylish feeder to have in your home.

#7-Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Dogs & Cats

good automatic dog feeder

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This automatic feeder allows you to set it up to dispense 2 tablespoon portions up to ten times in a day, or a maximum of one cup per feeding, four times in a day.  You can set your timer to feed your pet so it maintains a routine. Personalize it by recording your voice so your pet knows it is feeding time. You can utilize the plug that comes with it or three “D” batteries and go cord-free. There is also a convenient LCD clock screen that lights up to display feeding details. The feeder is for indoor use only and holds about seven pounds of dry food. Recommended for small to medium dogs or cats.

#8-PetSafe Automatic Pet Feeder

best automatic dog feeder

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One of the best automatic dog feeders for simple use, portion control and maintaining eating routines. This feeder by PetSafe provides a timer you can set to distribute two meals over the course of 48 hours. The feed trays are easy to clean and can be placed in your dishwasher for convenience. Each tray holds as much as 1.5 cups of dry pet food. This feeder is best for small or medium dogs or cats.

Important Considerations

Dry Or Wet Food

The most important consideration when looking for the best automatic dog feeder is the type of food that you can use it with. The vast majority of feeders will be designed only to work with dry food but if you look hard, you may be able to find one that also dispenses wet food. Just keep in mind that feeders dispensing wet food may be more challenging to clean, more expensive, and require more steps to use.


The capacity of the dog feeder is a crucial factor for most buyers since it will determine how often you need to refill the machine. Obviously, a larger capacity feeder will be more convenient, but also more expensive. This comes down to personal preference but most people will want a feeder that can hold at least several days’ worth of dog food.

Serving Size Dispensed

Don’t forget to consider the serving size that the automatic dog feeder will dispense. If your dog is on a diet or needs to lose some weight, you should opt for one that gives out the food in smaller servings. Your vet may even suggest giving your pooch multiple small servings throughout the day. Even if your dog doesn’t have any dietary restrictions, the serving size is crucial for your feeder. After all, a Great Dane will need a much larger bowl of food than a Chihuahua. Some of the best automatic dog feeder options will even have the option of adjusting the serving size so you can use it on a range of dogs. Others will even have a slow feeding mode to help dogs that eat too quickly.

Footprint And Height

You will need to balance out the capacity and serving size dispensed by the feeder with its actual size. If you have plenty of room in your home for the automatic feeder, then get whatever size device you feel you need for your pet. If, however, you have a small apartment or simply lack room, you will want to pay attention to the dimensions of the feeder in question. Look at the footprint to see how much floor space it will take up and then the height as well if there are shelves or other objects nearby. Someone in a large house may prefer a short feeder with a large footprint while those in apartments may want a tall but narrow one.

Gravity Or Electronic

There are two main types of automatic dog feeders available, those that work with gravity and those that are electronic. A gravity feeder works by automatically filling the food bowl as soon as there is room for kibble to drop down. Electronic pet feeders, on the other hand, let out a controlled amount of food at set times. Gravity feeders are significantly cheaper and much easier to use, but they are a horrible idea for dogs that tend to overindulge since your canine will get unlimited access to food. After all, the bowl just keeps filling up.

While more expensive, electronic pet feeders tend to the better choice. You can program them with things like portion size and the feeding time, perfect for controlling your pet’s weight. As a bonus, you don’t have to eyeball portion sizes since it is perfectly measured. The downside of electronic feeders is that they are more expensive and if you opt for a low-quality model, more things are likely to go wrong.


As with any product, the best automatic dog feeder will be highly durable and designed to last a long time. To get a feel for this, take a look at reviews and see whether the product comes with a warranty. Don’t forget to look for whether owners of the product have had their pooch damage the dispenser.

Airtight Storage

The best options will have airtight storage for the food waiting to be dispensed. This way, the flavor will be preserved. While this is a bonus for feeders with smaller capacities, it is a must for those with larger ones as the longer the food sits out, the less flavor it will have.

Other Features To Consider

You can also find all sorts of other features on high-end automatic dog feeders. Some will play a voice recording when dispensing food so your pooch feels like you are at home and knows when there is food. You should also make sure that the bowl isn’t designed in a way that makes it easy to tip over and ensure that the product is easy to clean.


Consider the above best automatic dog feeders and what kind of use you need yours most for. Will you be using it daily, so your pet has a healthy schedule? Do you want something that can feed wet food as well? Once you have the right feeder home, your pet can enjoy a feeding schedule that is routine.

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