Finding The Best Automatic Dog Feeder

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There are plenty of great reasons to start using an automatic dog feeder instead of just portioning your pooch’s food out by hand. Some people switch to this method purely out of convenience as you only have to fill up the feeder every once in a while as opposed

Which Is The Best Wireless Dog Fence?

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Whether you have a new dog or just moved, you will want to make sure that your canine companion can’t get off your property. While traditional fences work well, they can be expensive and may ruin the visual appeal of your landscape. Because of this, many people turn to

Confused By Dog Food Choices?

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Dog owners are presented with a myriad of food choices for their canine companions, and this wealth of choice has led to widespread confusion about what dogs really need in their daily nutrition. Looking at the broad array of dog food products on pet store shelves, you can begin

What Are the Best Joint Supplements For Dogs

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Many owners worry about arthritis in their canine friends, and for good reason as it can be quite common. This can show up from previous injuries, from having hip dysplasia and other reasons. Because of this, many will look for a high quality and best joint supplements for dogs

Selecting the Best Dog Grooming Tubs

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Selecting the right dog grooming tub for your needs starts with deciding what kind of use the tub will see. Are you looking to groom professionally from your home or a place of business? Do you need something at home for your large dog that you don’t want to

Selecting The Best Dog Vitamins For You Pooch

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As a dog owner, you want to care for your furry friend in the best way possible. This means taking him to the vet regularly, giving him baths, and making sure he gets adequate nutrition. You can even give your canine some of the best dog vitamins to help

Which Is The Best Fish Oil For Dogs?

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Part of caring for your canine companion is making sure that he gets all the nutrients that he needs. Best Fish oil for dogs is a great way to supplement your dog’s regular diet with some extra omega fatty acids and other nutrients and giving your pooch this oil

Unknown and Unique Dog Breeds of the World

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Dogs are considered one species, but if you look at canines across the world, it is sometimes hard to believe. They can look so very different and have such diverse temperaments. Not to mention that some dogs have been around for thousands of years whereas others are less than

Dog Breeding: Getting Rid Of Inherited Medical Conditions

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Unfortunately, to this date in 2016 and with all the scientific power the world has, nobody has exact statistics and analytics about each dog breed and its number of specimens suffering from each common disease amongst the canine species. Why Isn’t There a Central Dog Disease Database? This is

Best Sofa Bed For Dogs 2017

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Finding the right sofa bed for dogs can be a daunting task if you do not know what you are looking for. There are many features to consider when choosing the right dog bed for your four legged friends. High quality sofa bed for dogs will be durable and